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Why Taking Yourself on a Date Should Be the Next Self-Care Trend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LUM chapter.

Who said a table for one had to be boring? I associate eating out and shopping with activities that I would prefer to go to with a girlfriend. However, since all my friends are also college students, it is hard to plan around everyone’s schedule. I started going on solo dates and it has quickly become one of my favorite self-care activities to implement during a busy class schedule.  

Why should you go on a solo date?  

I started taking myself out on solo dates to grow my independence and learn more about myself in a way that goes beyond the typical journal entry. Sure, I’ve written about how I wish I did more things for myself; I think it is time to take some action!  

Be empowered to do things on your own. 

I thought going out on my own to restaurants was boring and lonely. Have you seen the videos of elders eating on their own and how commenters feel sad for them? I thought that would be me but not in a cutesy “I want to give her a hug” way.  

After doing this solo date thing a few times, I can tell you from firsthand experience that it has been one of the most rewarding experiences. It can be something as little as “I can’t believe I was able to sit at this table and enjoy my own company!” or “I’m happy I got to spend as much/little time at the store”. This time is for YOU!  

Below are some ideas of where you can take yourself this week with ideas of activities you can do to entertain yourself.  

Go to a Movie theatre  

I went to see the Eras movie on opening weekend on my own. I highly recommend going to the movies alone since it doesn’t feel much different from going with friends since you don’t talk much once you’re seated. Grab your Icee and a bucket of popcorn and enjoy the show!  

Try your hand at thrifting

Make a Pinterest board of outfits you’d like to make and find similar pieces at the thrift store.  

Take time to look through the book section, there can be some hidden gems. I love getting books with cool images to make collages with.  

Drive through a car wash  

I saw this Tiktok recently that inspired me to take this mundane task to the next level. Grab your iced coffee and jam out to Taylor Swift as your car gets squeaky clean!  

Sit down at a restaurant  

Bring your headphones and watch your favorite series on your phone. If you don’t want to be too much of an iPad kid, you can bring a book or your Kindle to read while you wait for your food.  

Of course, these are just some ideas. Anything you enjoy can be turned into a solo date so take in that self-care and enjoy!

Jasmine Diaz-Martinez is a junior at Loyola University Maryland with a major in Spanish and a double minor in Latin American & Latino Studies and Peace & Justice Studies. As a commuter student, she loves to jam out to reggaeton and Taylor Swift on her way to campus! 🌷🇬🇹🌿☕️