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Why My Planner is the Ultimate Life Saver

Ever since I was in the 5th grade, I’ve been using a planner to keep track of everything that happens in my life. If there is one thing in particular that has kept me on track and doing well in school, it’s my planner. I love it so much and even though it tends to get scribbles all over it because of my hectic schedule, it has saved my life(academically speaking!).

Here’s why you should get one if you haven’t already or maybe start using yours more if you’ve been neglecting it: 

Time Management

I can’t say this enough: planners are a key tool in having good time management skills. I use my planner to jot down the smallest of things that I need to do every day. From meetings to homework and even hanging out with friends, it’s scheduled on my planner. I used to find it really difficult to section out time for everything because I just ended up procrastinating in my free time. Now that I write everything down, it is easy to keep track of it all. 


I'm the most forgetful person ever and I can’t even begin to explain how stressful that can be. Lucky for me, my planner helps me remember even the slightest of details: birthdays, dates, and even fast deadlines that would have gone over my head. My planner has one week per spread, and each day has a small space for writing. By the end of most weeks, those spaces are filled!

A Piece of Adulting

I attribute my “boss babe” and “independent woman” lifestyle in part to my planner. I keep all my ideas and thoughts in my planner especially when there is no notepad around. Looking through my planner right now, I see pitch ideas for articles, little doodles, and future goals. I think planners enhance who you are as a person because they show that you care about staying on task. I find it hard to stay focused all the time, but my planner has eliminated a lot of the stress that came with losing focus.


Imagine how cute it looks when you take out your planner before starting to work and seeing the checklist of things to do.

Now imagine how amazing it feels once you’ve done all your work and every task is checked off.

You're a hard worker, and your planner gives you the recognition you deserve!

Planners also help show who you are: are you someone who picks the planner with stars on it, or maybe a marbled design? Maybe you pick the sunset scene? Whichever design you pick goes to show that you are so amazing and everything that you do in your planner contributes to the hard work that is written in it.

All in all, planners are amazing and have limitless benefits.

I think sometimes we’re moving too fast to keep track of everything, and for me, my planner helps slow things down.

Lesson Learned: life is crazy, get a planner. 

Gracie Flach

American '24

Gracie is a sophomore studying Business Administration. She recently transferred to American from Loyola Maryland and joined HCAU's eboard as an editor. Her interests include sewing/embroidery(anything fashion-related), exploring DC especially the museums, and gardening.
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