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What It’s like to Have a Christmas Birthday

I was born on Christmas and in my opinion, the holiday season is one unlike any other. The crisp air, brushing along my face when I step out of my front door, numbing my red nose. The crunch of snow beneath my feet. The holiday lights, festive movies and cookies. The sound of Christmas music playing over the radio while a fire is roaring in the fireplace. The smell of fresh pine and watching your dog drink the tree water. There truly is nothing like it.

Despite all of this, everyone assumes I am unhappy with being born on Christmas. “You’re getting ripped off”, “Aren’t you mad your sisters get presents on your birthday?”, and in all honesty, I’ve gotten used to it. It’s definitely weird being born on a holiday as big as Christmas is. Everyone is celebrating Christmas and here my birthday is, coming right in the middle of it, seemingly an afterthought. I have two sisters, and I’m the middle child. Seems like a worst-case scenario. But my family has learned to celebrate my birthday in a less official way that makes it bearable.

I have never been big on birthday parties so that was never an issue. That being said, my family and I often celebrate my birthday at our annual Christmas eve party at my great Aunt and Uncle’s house. Although the party is to celebrate the holiday, they always make a point to give me birthday gifts and buy a cake for me, having everyone sing for me before we have dessert. It really is all I could ask for.

On Christmas Day, our direct family will come to visit us at our house. Christmas morning is always chaotic, from the moment I wake up and go to my sisters it is like all hell breaks loose. The Christmas music is blasting throughout the house, stromboli in the oven, chocolate chip pancakes on the stove, everyone rushing to get things set up before our grandparents arrive.  When the stressful parts are over, we all have a few minutes to relax, break into our stockings, and rip open our presents.  

My stocking is 4 feet tall; it is arguably one of the things I look forward to the most every year. It was gifted to me when I was born. I was the first baby born on Christmas that year at that hospital, and as a tradition, the family who was in our position the year before left us a present, and the stocking has stuck with me since.  

In order to make the distinction between birthday gifts and Christmas gifts, I open my birthday gifts later in the day. That is when we do the official singing and cake eating. In the past, my parents have offered to celebrate my birthday on a different day. I’ve had parties in early December, late January, and all around the holiday season, but I’ve just found it best to celebrate it with a small group of people on the actual day, this makes it special for me. Although I’m sure my life would not be much different if I were born on a different day, I am glad that I am surrounded by the people I am, they make being born on Christmas special for me and that’s truly all I can ask for.

Have a Holly jolly Christmas.  

Holly Hanscom is a junior at Loyola University Maryland studying Communication with a specialization in advertising and public relations with a minor in marketing. In her free time you'll likely find her hiking with friends or family, reading a new book, or trying new recipes.
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