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The Poison Cup Players Present: Murder on The Orient Express 

From November 18-21st Loyola McManus Theatre opened its doors for yet another production this semester here at Loyola. The Poison Cup players are a student theatre organization that puts on a play every fall semester. This semester Director Bobby Dykeman ’23 put on an amazing production of a classic Agatha Christie show: Murder on The Orient Express.  While this review might be a little late (although I hope we all had an amazing holiday), we wanted to take a sec to recognize the talent and hard work put in by the Posion Cup Players!

Murder on The Orient Express, (MOTOE, as the theater community began to call it) takes place in 1935 following Detective Hercule Poirot, played by Marlo Lacson ’24, as he investigates a murder that has occurred on the Orient Express. We see as Poirot follows clues and interviews suspects to solve this puzzling murder. Over the span of a day or so many clues are revealed like the murder weapon and a possible cover that this murder is holding. As the audience sees Poirot’s theories unfold, there is an opportunity for the audience to get involved. This show invites the audience to look for clues and attempt to solve this crime before the truth is revealed. 

Bobby invited the audience to think about what the true definition of Justice is and how we should go about maintaining it. We watch as these characters struggle with what is just and right for the group rather than what the law is telling them is just. There is no true answer to what is truly just and the message that this show portrays tells us just that.  

I had the opportunity to see this show twice and I can truly say that every aspect of these performances was breathtaking. The set was amazing it was complicated and yet simplistic, and the props played off this to make a perfect balance. Costuming for this show was also amazing, with the different changes and special effect work. Personally, some of my favorite details were the lighting and the sound. The designers brought in new and creative lights as well as high quality sound. I am immensely impressed by the work of the Poison Cup Players and hope to see more like this in the future.  

Congratulations to Director Bobby and the entire cast and crew for creating a show that showcased raw emotion, as well as humor and, cannot wait to see what you do next!  

Nez is a sophomore from Weymouth, Ma. They are a Global Studies and Theatre double major, and a Peace and Justice Studies Minor on a pre-Law track. In their free time you will most likely find them in the theatre since they are this years spotlight player's director. outside of Loyola, Nez is passionate about music, reading and photography.
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