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The First Two Months of College Are Wild 

Congratulations! You have been accepted into the university of your dreams. Flash forward to eight months in the future, you are two months into college. Finally, you have managed to find your groove on the rollercoaster of college that takes more than a secure seatbelt and guardrails to not go off the track. The first semester is filled with many drops, thrills, and sideways curves. There are so many wins and losses that as soon as you adjust it, it changes again. From academics to sports to clubs, it all revolves around the university. Amazingly, this full immersion builds school pride, and you meet new people with like-minded ideas and not-like minded ideas. Be open to this adventure, set expectations aside, tighten your seatbelt and put your hands in the air as this rollercoaster is about to take off.  

Here are a few tidbits to enjoy the ride rather than the ride breaking down:  

  • Challenge your sense of independence to cultivate the life you want to make. When events come about on campus that are of interest, go and go alone. This is where like-minded people will connect.  
  • Leave drama in the dust. Everyone is going through the same emotions and problems. Talk and rant. That’s cool, but don’t project your emotions and create drama.   
  • Ask yourself, “will it matter tomorrow or in 3 years?” College is wild, that is the truth. As much as possible, go with the flow and let things evolve as they lay ahead. Life will be so much easier than constantly analyzing and judging what is happening.  
  • You come first. There is no time to waste on others. There is so much to be engrossed in that the only person you should be concerned with is yourself.  
  • Work smarter, not harder. Everyone struggles with academics in college. This may be the most repetitive advice in college is “Go to office hours.” It doesn’t have to be at office hours, rather it could be with a tutor or study groups. Do not convince yourself that you alone can fix the problem. College has a ton of different resources to appeal to everyone and get the assistance that they need to be successful.  

The thrilling ride of college is worth it. Remember to breathe through the sideways curves and drops, taking in all the victories that are small or big along the way. While it may feel like you are alone on this rollercoaster ride, even single riders find a group that helps ease the process of finding your groove. Besides, everyone else is finding their groove too.  

Sydney is a first-year at LUM and is majoring in Data Science with a minor in Forensic Science. She is from Denver, Colorado. During her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, exploring and having new adventures, and being active. Some of her favorite activities are dancing with the LUM Dance Company, scuba diving, hiking, skiing, and running. She loves trying new restaurants, eating good food, going to concerts and museums.