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The Best Albums to Listen to in Warm Weather 

As the weather gets warmer, it’s important to adjust your playlists! I have lots of albums that I love to listen to when it’s warm out. There’s just something about rolling down the windows and blasting good music. So, here are some of my favorite albums to listen to in the spring and summer! 

1. Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 by Calvin Harris 

This is one of my absolute favorite albums to listen to when the weather gets warm. All of the songs are synth-pop perfection. Some of the best songs on the album are ‘Rollin,’ ‘Feels,’ and ‘Cash Out.’ 

2. gg bb xx by LANY 

I love listening to LANY all year round, but their music is especially enjoyable in the warm weather. The guitar makes songs like ‘ex I never had,’ ‘up to me,’ and ‘get away’ perfect for blasting as you drive to the beach! 

3. 1989 by Taylor Swift 

This won album of the year at the Grammy’s for a reason. Swift always delivers, and I feel like her albums have distinct seasons. Red is obviously Fall, and to me, 1989 screams summer. There is nothing better than listening to ‘Style’ or ‘How You Get the Girl’ while enjoying a day by the pool! 

4. Silver Crane by Fly by Midnight 

I only recently found Fly by Midnight, but I have quickly become obsessed. Their music puts me in a really good mood, especially songs like ‘When She’s Dancing’ and ‘No Choice.’ This album is essential for any spring playlist! 

5. The 1975 by the 1975  

Although this album came out in 2013, it continues to be one of my favorites! I listen to it all the time, especially when it’s warm out. I recommend listening to ‘Heart Out,’ ‘Settle Down,’ and ‘Chocolate.’ 

I hope these recommendations help you create the perfect warm-weather playlist! Each one of these artists is super talented and their music always improves my mood. To me, music in the spring should be upbeat and happy, which all these albums are! 

Claire Blose is currently a junior at Loyola University Maryland majoring in Advertising and Public Relations and minoring in Marketing. When she is not studying, you’ll likely find her listening to music, exploring the great outdoors, or trying new recipes in the kitchen.
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