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A lifelong entertainment fan, I look forward to every award show. The 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards took place this weekend, celebrating television achievements. Before college, I’d watch the show with my mom and sister in New Jersey, with popcorn and Twizzlers of course. I expected to watch a Livestream of the Emmys back in Baltimore on my laptop, with my roommates in our common room. Little did I know I’d be watching at home in 2020. I approached the Emmys with an open mind and was just happy to watch something joyful.

Here are my takeaways...

Fashion Forward at Home

I love watching E!’s “Live from the Red Carpet” specials to hear what designer everyone is wearing. I was curious to see if people would dress up since the event was online. Overall, the attire was a mix of pajamas, gowns, tuxes, and casual clothing. However, E! correspondents holding the virtual interviews and those inside the theater were in formal attire. For instance, D’Arcy Carden from “The Good Place” wore her Valentino gown at home while Mark Duplass of “The Morning Show” wore a tuxedo jacket over his pajamas. I think Rachel Brosnahan, star of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” said it best. The actress explained that people can’t compare previous shows with the 2020 Emmys and admitted she’s comfortable in her house with her husband and dogs. Despite the disappointment of not having a traditional red carpet, I’m glad that E! adapted the program.

“Welcome to the Pand-Emmys!”

Jimmy Kimmel returned to host the Emmys this year. I liked that he made light of the situation by poking fun at the lack of an audience in his opening with old footage and cardboard cutouts. I’m sure it was challenging to host without crowd reactions. Some funny and more light-hearted moments included Jason Sudeikis receiving a COVID-19 test while presenting an award, Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington’s New Year’s Eve party, and the “Friends” reunion with Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox. The show also featured pre-recorded videos of celebrities joking about their experiences of staying home and praising their favorite shows. Like Kimmel said, television was a friend people could turn to amidst the darkness this year and these bits brought attention to that message.

Let’s Hear it for “Schitt’s Creek!”

To say I’m happy about the record-breaking wins for “Schitt’s Creek” would be an understatement. It’s hard to believe the comedy hadn’t been nominated before this year! “Schitt’s Creek” made history as the only comedy or drama to receive all acting awards in a genre along with winning for writing and directing. I binge-watched the show in a week and fell in love with the Rose family’s humor and unconditional support of one another. For those who haven’t seen the show, it tells the story of a formerly wealthy family navigating their lives at a motel in the fictional town of Schitt’s Creek. The first few seasons are available on Netflix!

Check out this full list of 2020 Emmy winners!

Power of Gratitude

One of the most touching parts of the show was highlighting essential workers during the pandemic. The Emmys included messages from a teacher, UPS delivery man, farmer, truck driver, doctors, and nurse who both presented to nominees and shared their perspectives. I loved that the Television Academy took time to thank these groups for their hard work and selflessness. Even though things are slowly becoming more normal, we shouldn’t forget those who risked their health for all of us.

Although the Emmys were not the same, both skits and speeches provided optimism for the future. The show reminded people to smile and know that our voices matter, whether it be in real life or on television.

Although the Emmys were not the same, both skits and speeches provided optimism for the future. The show reminded people to smile and know that our voices matter, whether it be in real life or on television.

Samantha is a senior and writer for Her Campus at Loyola University Maryland. She's a Communications major specializing in Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Marketing. During her free time, Samantha loves discovering new music, fashion trends, food, running, and binge-watching Netflix.
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