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As someone who wore a school uniform for over 10 years, I was excited for a change when I came to college. Since I was little, my style has played a large role in who I am. I may not be the most outgoing person, but fashion gives me confidence. I appreciate how it allows me to express myself in the world around me. Whatever the occasion, I love coordinating outfits even if I’m usually overdressed. My biggest weakness is jewelry and basically any type of accessory.  

During the beginning of the fall semester, I still put thought into my class outfit, despite learning remotely. I can honestly admit that this routine started to fade around October. Because I wasn’t going anywhere, I didn’t see the point in regularly wearing jeans, a cute sweater, and matching earrings. I opted for sweats and baggy tees unless I had a presentation or a meeting. I also wanted to stay comfy once the weather got colder. Looking back, I noticed these choices negatively impacted my work ethic. For example, I slept in more often than I used to. In previous semesters, I would wake up early to get ahead on assignments before my classes. Similarly, I realized how this habit affected my mindset and self-esteem. Personally, I feel more ready to tackle the day when I dress with intention. I ultimately recognized that I missed trying combinations with various pieces or wearing fun jewelry.  

Once the spring semester started, I made a commitment to myself to return to my old routine. Although I brought fewer clothes this semester, I still have fun putting different outfits together. For me, the planning is an enjoyable way to end my day and prepare for what’s to come. One of my favorite parts is deciding what bracelets to wear. Over the years, I’ve collected a lot of sentimental pieces that have special meaning and stories behind them. I’ve also been wearing headbands again, a trend which takes me back to middle school and high school. I too have experimented with different looks by rotating practical pieces like long cardigans and a denim button-down. I may not have in-person classes every day, but I’m feeling more motivated just by getting ready in the morning. Instead of grabbing whatever clothes are at the top of my drawer, I’m putting more thought into my outfits.  

While this semester will have its challenges, I want to make the most of it even with the little things. With all of that said, I encourage you to find ways to have a sense of normalcy in your routine. Whether it’s going for a run or cooking breakfast with your roommates, everyone deserves a smile as they begin their day. No matter how hectic life gets, remind yourself to do something that makes you genuinely happy. You may even discover a hobby or interest you hadn’t thought of before. We may have months left in the spring semester, but I believe these actions make a difference for your well-being and productivity. Just start today! 

Samantha is a senior and writer for Her Campus at Loyola University Maryland. She's a Communications major specializing in Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Marketing. During her free time, Samantha loves discovering new music, fashion trends, food, running, and binge-watching Netflix.
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