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october Book Club: “Love in the Time of Serial Killers” Review 

[Slight Spoilers Ahead] 

This past month, the Her Campus Book Club met up to discuss Love in the Time of Serial Killers by Alicia Thompson. This book follows Phoebe, a PhD candidate, who moves down to Florida for the summer to wrap up loose ends after the passing of her father. Phoebe is studying true crime and writing her dissertation about it. To say she is obsessed with serial killers would be a bit of understatement.

Phoebe notices her next-door neighbor, Sam, is a bit of creep and could possibly be a serial killer. But as she sees him more often she realizes how wrong she was, and she starts to fall for him. As the summer continues, Phoebe needs to start thinking of moving back to school to finish her dissertation, but Sam has roots that he can’t leave. What will Phoebe do? 

Overall, we all enjoyed this book. We gave it an average rating of 3.75/5. We thought Phoebe could be annoying at times with her all or nothing attitude, but she was still a good protagonist to follow. Sam was our favorite though. He makes a big romantic speech to Phoebe that captured our hearts, and made us swoon.

Personally, I thought the book was hilarious. There are a lot of great one liners or scenes that made me laugh out loud. This book definitely captures the comedy necessary in any good rom-com. There’s also a lot of references to famous serial killers and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, so if you’re a fan of either (or both!) you should definitely pick up this book.  

At the end of the day, I would recommend this book for anyone who likes romance but also wants a good laugh. It’s a light book, even with the true crime references. The book is enjoyable, although a little forgettable.  

For November, we will be reading The Night Shift by Alex Finlay. If you’re a Loyola student interested in signing up for book club and reading with us, email me at ergilmore@loyola.edu

Elizabeth Gilmore is a junior at Loyola University of Maryland. She is from Mount Airy, Maryland. She is a Political Science Major and History Minor. In her free time she enjoys reading, listening to music, and watching TV.