My Everyday Makeup in a COVID-19 World

Although these past few months have been anything but normal, I have tried to continue with some sort of daily routine through everything. When I would physically go to classes, I took the time to do my makeup and hair every day. It was therapeutic for me, and I really missed that part of my routine the first couple of months of quarantine. That’s why when this school year started, I told myself that I would keep some parts of my routine if I could. 

Going to classes on Zoom is an odd experience. I know it's class...but it feels lonely being in my room alone. During the first couple of months of quarantine, I felt completely lost. My routine was so monotonous, so boring, that I thought I might go insane. Thankfully, when I started to incorporate doing my makeup in my routine again, I started to feel better; not only about myself but about our current situation. 

My makeup routine is exactly the same as it has always been. Thankfully, it has restored some sense of normalcy in my life. Since it’s helped me, I wanted to share my routine to inspire others to continue doing the things that make them happy while we stay home!


  1. 1. Concealer

    I put concealer on first and I skip the foundation for my daily makeup. My favorite concealer is from Colourpop. I put it over any blemishes or places where my skin tone is still uneven from recovering acne.

  2. 2. Bronzer

    I use a bronzer from Physician’s Formula. I put it on my forehead, cheeks, and nose. It always gives me a nice, natural-looking glow that I will most definitely need as we head deeper into winter.

  3. 3. Blush

    My favorite blush is from Maybelline. It’s a beautiful light pink that goes perfectly with my skin tone. I put it on the apples of my cheeks after I apply my bronzer, and then I take the brush I used to blend my concealer to blend my blush into my bronzer. 

  4. 4. Mascara

     After curling my lashes, I apply my favorite mascara that’s also from Maybelline. It's always the last step in my routine because I like to use multiple coats. 

When I’m going out, I will apply eye shadow, foundation, and highlighter. I can’t wait until I can do that again! For now, though, as we enter a probable second wave, I’m extremely thankful that I have makeup to allow for some sort of normalcy in my routine. Through all of this, I think it's really important that we all hold onto the things that make us happy - no matter how minuscule they are.