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Autumn is a season filled with cozy knit sweaters, pumpkin spice, and warm colors. During this season, there’s nothing I love more than to fill my kitchen with the scent of cinnamon on chilly days. Here are some of my favorite things to bake to embrace fall. 

Pumpkin Bread 

There are many good recipes for making excellent pumpkin bread, but my favorite comes from Once Upon a Chef. This bread is so fluffy and flavorful, plus it’s easy to make with no complex steps. I love to spend my Sunday afternoons whipping this up! 

Carrot Cake 

This has always been a comfort dessert for me. I love eating carrot cake while sipping on warm lattes. Its flavor is based around autumnal themes, but it’s a versatile dessert and can be enjoyed year-round! This cake is so fun to make at home while watching Halloween movies or catching up on a good podcast. 

Coffee Cake 

On cold mornings, coffee cake always seems to help get me up. Its cinnamon topping accompanied with tea or coffee is a fantastic way to start a truly great day. While there are many ways to make it from scratch, I usually just go for a box mix so it can be quick and straightforward in the morning! 

Apple Pie 

While all pies are spectacular, apple pie has to be my favorite. From its sweet filling to the crisp shell, it makes for the perfect fall bake. This pie can be a handful to make, but it’s always fun to do so with friends or family. Nothing brings people together like food (dessert), am I right? 

Chocolate Molasses Cookies 

When I want a quick snack during the colder months, I love to make these, so I can have them on the go. The molasses adds so much flavor that many box mixes are lacking, making it a perfect recipe to bake at home! 

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