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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LUM chapter.

Whether it is a long car ride, folding laundry, or going for a run, podcasts will always have a place in our lives. They provide an escape and distraction from the real world, without having to fully pay attention. Showcasing amazing personalities, podcasts hosted by women all have that relatable and real feeling that will leave you wanting to hear more. If you are looking to get into the podcast world but do not know where to start, here are five female-run podcasts I recommend being your next listen. 


For all the true crime junkies out there, this is the podcast for you. Covering true crime, creepy history, and all things spooky, hosts Alaina and Ash research a new case for each episode. The hilarious hosts will have you laughing out loud, questioning the paranormal, and lying awake thinking about what goes bump in the night.  

Girls and Co.

Featuring Paxton Elrod, Sam Taskey, and Taylor Jackson from Jomboy Media, this podcast examines the worlds of sports, culture, and media from a women’s perspective. Listen in to hear interviews from media professionals, women in sports, and a variety of Jomboy Media personalities. This show is relatable and funny with everyday stories about the lives of working women.  

Call Her Daddy

This list would not be complete without the most listened-to podcast by women on Spotify hosted by Alex Cooper. Recently hitting the five-year mark, this show has created laughs for many with a new interview each episode. Cooper cuts straight to the point and provides an entertaining listening experience for everyone. The best part: a giant backlog of episodes to binge on a long car ride or while cleaning your entire dorm room.  

Gilmore To Say: A Gilmore Girls Podcast

Hosted by Gilmore Girls TikTokers Tara and Haley, this recap and discussion podcast will bring you back to the magic of Stars Hollow. Effortlessly funny and witty, these episodes debate the writing, relationships, and characters of the comfort show that many love to hate. Settle into a comfy chair outside and drink a cup of coffee while laughing along with this fall aesthetic listen.  

Giggly Squad

Looking to hear some hilarious opinions on culture, fashion, television, mental health, and more? Hannah Berner and Paige DeSorbo make fun of anything and everything in this feel-good podcast that will have you giggling alongside them. Hot takes and out-of-pocket opinions are encouraged and frequent with these two friends taking you on a journey through their hilarious thought processes.  

Podcasts are rapidly becoming a go-to source for news and entertainment, make sure to diversify your listening feed with these (and many others) female creators!

Kaitlyn (pronouns she/her) is an undergraduate student at Loyola University Maryland, class of 2027. She is a communications major with specializations in journalism and advertising/public relations. She is looking to further her career in the editing and publishing business, working with others to showcase their best work. Kaitlyn's interests range from self-care and wellness to numerous types of media. She is a member of the dance company on campus, exploring the styles of tap, jazz, lyrical, and contemporary dance. You can also find her in the yoga studio or kayaking on the weekends to explore nature. Her interest in nail care knows no bounds, with her nails painted a different color every other week along with a new design, inspired by Pinterest of course. She is an avid reader, spanning genres of mystery, romance, and young adult. Cozying up with a good book and hot chocolate under a blanket is one of Kaitlyn's favorite pastimes. Her favorite musical artists are Taylor Swift, Maisie Peters, and Olivia Rodrigo. Additionally, she watches lots of comedy shows, Brooklyn 99 and New Girl being her favorites. Kaitlyn made it a goal this year to watch more classic movies, as she want to learn more about cinematography and how different time periods affect movie contexts. Overall, Kaitlyn is a dedicated and passionate writer looking to resonate her thoughts and ideas with fellow female college students!