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Fall Activities: Central New Jersey Edition

If you’re like me, autumn is your favorite time of year. The air is crisp and the trees transform into beautiful shades of red. In my opinion, though, the best thing about fall is that there is so much to do. Whether you’re in the mood to embark on a family road trip or whip up an apple pie in the kitchen, there is something for everyone. I especially love fall where I live. Growing up in New Jersey all my life has allowed my family and me to create some amazing memories. Here are some of my favorite activities to do in autumn!

Go Apple Picking

In my area, there are plenty of apple orchards to choose from. Since this is an outdoor activity, it’s also COVID safe (as long as you’re wearing a mask when required.) Normally, my family and I choose an apple orchard that also has a pumpkin patch. At our local orchard, they also sell squashes, homemade jelly, and apple cider donuts. When we are done picking our apples, we are always sure to end our day with some hot chocolate and donuts! And of course, as soon as we get home, my sisters and I immediately begin baking our famous apple pie.

Click here for the link to my local orchard!

Bake a Festive Dessert!

Even if you don’t have time to pick fresh apples, there are plenty of desserts to try this season. Some of my favorites are pumpkin muffins with a cinnamon topping and pumpkin pie crust Normally, I scour the internet for hours before I can actually decide on something (thanks Pinterest.) So far this year, I have made muffins, cookies, and a cake. All of them turned out great. This is the season of pumpkin, so next time you don’t know what bake, try a seasonal dish!

Some of my favorite recipes include this pumpkin cookie recipe brown butter icing recipe, and this one for cinnamon sugar pumpkin muffins!

Go to a Sunflower Patch

I don’t know why, but I feel like everyone in my town went to a sunflower orchard last week. My Instagram feed was filled with pictures of people posing next to the flowers. It inspired me to do the same, so I plan on going this weekend! At my local patch, they also have a corn maze, pig races, and pumpkins. It sounds like the perfect fall day to me!

Here’s the link to my favorite spot.

Go on a Hike

There are so many trails near me that are even more beautiful during the fall. If you’re up for it, grab a friend and find one near you! In my area, the leaves are just starting to turn. In the coming weeks, I know that the trails will be gorgeous. While the leaves are still on the trees and before it gets so cold, I recommend getting out there as soon as you can!

Have a Bonfire!

There’s nothing better than cozying up next to the fire on a chilly evening. My family just purchased a firepit, so we have been sitting around the fire every weekend. It’s a great way to unwind and catch up. And because it’s outside, I can safely sit a distance away from a friend or two if I want to invite them over. Of course, you can’t forget the marshmallows and chocolate. I mean, what’s a bonfire without any s’mores?

Many of my best memories have been made in the fall. I hope that these activities allow you the same opportunity to spend time with your loved ones (in a safe way of course). It’s been an extra hard year, and you deserve it!

Claire Blose is currently a junior at Loyola University Maryland majoring in Advertising and Public Relations and minoring in Marketing. When she is not studying, you’ll likely find her listening to music, exploring the great outdoors, or trying new recipes in the kitchen.
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