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Like many people, Friday is my favorite day of the week because it’s the start of the weekend. I also look forward to Fridays because it means the release of new music! This spring I found plenty of music to listen to between classes and hanging out with friends. In no specific order, here are some of my favorite new albums over the last few months! 

Quinn XCII’s Change of Scenery II 

Quinn XCII, a pop singer, released this album in March. Quinn began his singing career while studying at Michigan State University. Something I like about his music is the reggae sound you’ll notice in many songs. Change of Scenery II features amazing collaborations with Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler, and Alexander 23.  

Favorite song: “Look How Far We’ve Come”  

AJR’s OK Orchestra  

If you’ve ever heard “Burn The House Down” or “Bang” before, then you might be familiar with AJR! The pop band is made up of the three Met brothers from New York City. OK Orchestra includes songs about life’s highs and lows, making the album quite vulnerable. I love how AJR’s songs have a unique and unpredictable energy that keeps the listener guessing.  

Favorite song: “3 O’Clock Things” 

Kings of Leon’s When You See Yourself  

Many people associate Kings of Leon with the early 2000s, but the rock band’s latest album proves that they’re still relevant today. In an Entertainment Weekly interview, Caleb Followill revealed that the album has been finished for a while, but the band waited because of the pandemic. Various songs from the album reflect on the band’s journey.  

Favorite song: “Echoing”  

Luke Bryan’s Born Here, Live Here, Die Here (Deluxe Edition) 

Luke Bryan has six additional songs on the deluxe edition of this country album, originally released in 2020. I admire how Luke Bryan uses storytelling in his music, especially with the sentimental songs from the second half of the album. I’m excited to see to another Luke Bryan concert when he performs in August at Jones Beach!  

Favorite song: “Country Does”   

KALEO’s Surface Sounds  

KALEO is an Icelandic band, formed in 2012, known for their indie rock music. I appreciate how each song on Surface Sounds has powerful imagery and emotions, but they’re all a little different. Check out KALEO’s live performance of “Skinny” from the site of the Fagradalsfjall volcanic eruption in Iceland!  

Favorite song: “I Want More”  

COIN’s Rainbow Mixtape  

I discovered this indie-pop band on TikTok last year and became an instant fan. This album, released on April 30, includes a series of EPs organized by sonic themes and colors. Chase Lawrence, the band’s frontman, calls Rainbow Mixtape a “time capsule.” COIN will have a fall 2021 tour for their 2020 album Dreamland and Rainbow Mixtape.  

Favorite song: “I Feel Alive?”  


I can’t wait for the upcoming albums of my other top artists! I’m eager to hear Sour by Olivia Long Lost by Lord Huron, and Maroon 5’s Jordi this summer. In the meantime, hope you enjoy my suggestions!  






Samantha is a senior and writer for Her Campus at Loyola University Maryland. She's a Communications major specializing in Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Marketing. During her free time, Samantha loves discovering new music, fashion trends, food, running, and binge-watching Netflix.
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