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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LUM chapter.

Dear readers,  

Valentine’s Day is a complex holiday that has both historical and scientific roots which celebrates the feelings of love, affection, and passion.  

With the release of dopamine and extended euphoria celebrated on this day, why not make the most of it for yourself? 

Did you know it is said that Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, created the first rose when she scratched herself on a thorn? Since then roses have been associated with passion and love.  

While you don’t have to buy yourself roses, unless you want to, here are some ways to be your own best valentine: 

You’re on your own journey of love, do not compare yourself to other’s lives.  

  1. Say no to FOMO! 
  1. Live in the present during this season.  
  1. Celebrate all things you love about this holiday: chocolate, red lips/nails/clothes, flowers, candles, all things pink and much more!

Just because it is not romantic does not mean you do not have love in your life

You my dear reader are so blessed, with family, chosen family, and/or friends.  

Whatever you desire from another, give to yourself

  1.  Go buy flowers. 
  1. Take yourself out. 
  1. Go out with your friends and bring the glamour of this season.  

Open your own heart to be the target for Cupid. Celebrate all feelings of love and affection for yourself first, then share with others.  

Happy Valentine’s month my dear readers. I love you.  



Sydney is a sophomore at LUM and is majoring in Data Science with a minor in Mathematics. She is from Denver, Colorado. During her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, exploring and having new adventures, and being active. Some of her favorite activities are dancing with the LUM Dance Company, scuba diving, hiking, skiing, and running. She loves trying new restaurants, eating good food, going to concerts and museums.