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Back to School Fashion: Virtual Edition

Virtual learning? Not going to campus for the fall can definitely be a bummer fashion-wise. But good news! Take a peek at realistic looks for your remote semester. These outfits will get you out of your pajamas and make you feel more put-together while still being comfortable. Here are three cute and comfy look ideas to inspire your fall 2020 fashion.

Fashion Foward Streetwear

This athletic look is super comfortable and easy. For a top, look for an oversized tee to maximize comfort. Pair this with biker shorts which are super trendy and easy to match with many items. The biker shorts are form-fitting so they will give shape to contrast the bagginess of the oversized shirt. For jewelry, bold and layered is the way to go. Layer a bunch of necklaces to add a fun flair to this outfit. As for shoes, bold is also a good choice in order to make your outfit more detailed. Use sneakers with a platform to give some height and to draw attention to your shoes. You can go for a pair of all-white shoes for a good contrast or be creative with a multi-colored shoe. A bun is a perfect hairstyle for this, and you can either make your hair very sleek and pulled into a tight bun or looser in a low bun with baby hairs pulled out for a more relaxed look.

Comfy and Chic in Sweats

This look is a lot of fun because there are so many textures that you can play around with. Use a form-fitting or tighter top in a solid color for a simplistic and clean look. You could either do a slightly cropped tee or a tank top. To balance out the tightness of your top, go for baggier or loose sweatpants. Sweatpants are super comfortable and if you pair them with the right items they can actually look really put-together and chic. Layer a jean jacket of your choice for added texture and complexity. Jean jackets are a super cute and easy way to elevate an outfit and they come in a variety of matchable colors like white, blue, and black as well as ripped and not ripped. Opposite to the first look, you are going to want to wear simplistic and minimal jewelry to not draw too much attention away from the outfit. Daintier rings and necklaces are a good match as well as plain stud earrings. For shoes, opt for a slide or sandal. A simpler option would be a plain, neutral-colored sandal or you could add even more texture with a fluffy slide in a pop of color. Hair for this look is down and curly or wavy. A super easy and realistic hairstyle could be a half up half down pony or bun, or even cute braids.

Versatile Athleisure

This look is very multi-purpose, as you could exercise in it, run errands, and do your remote learning. For your top, wear a simple, solid-colored crewneck or hoodie. Match this with a legging of your choice, whether it is a solid color for a very simple look or a patterned legging for added texture. What’s really great about leggings is that they are so diverse. They come in such a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures that give you lots of options. The focal point of this outfit is the accessories. For jewelry, this look screams use fun earrings. Hoops are a fun option as well as other more complex earrings like pearls and gemstones. Wear athletic sneakers for this look as opposed to the fashion sneakers seen in look one. Add more attention to your face and hair by using hair accessories like headbands and bandanas. Bandanas have recently become trendy while wearing your hair down and with face-framing pieces or baby hairs pulled out for a relaxed and effortless look.

Alexa Ingrassia is a sophomore at Loyola University Maryland and is currently studying English as her major and Political Science as her minor. She is a very passionate writer and lover of all forms of art.
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