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50 Songs to Listen to If You’re Single This Valentine’s Day

With the worst holiday for any singleton coming up just around the corner, some of us need a reminder that being alone is never a bad thing. This Valentine’s Day it’s time to reclaim our fierceness and bad b*tch energy. Music is a powerful thing. It can help us express our feelings through lyrics and beats that are usually too hard to explain. The songs in this playlist will help reframe any loneliness that’ll be felt this holiday into the protagonist that you are and should be. Because at the end of the day you are a queen and no person or holiday will ever make you think otherwise. Each song is a little power pill that’ll take you out of any slump that you find yourself and revive your confident spirits. So wipe those tears, eat that chocolate, put on some sweatpants and shake what yo mama gave ya!  

Here’s what I’m listening to this Valentine’s Day…

  1. Soulmate- Lizzo 

  1. Boss Bitch- Doja Cat 

  1. God is a woman- Ariana Grande 

  1. Love Myself- Hailee Steinfeld  

  1. Buy My Own Drinks- Runaway June  

  1. Run the world (Girls) – Beyonce  

  1. Woman- Kesha 

  1. Truth Hurts- Lizzo  

  1. Boyshit- Madison Beer  

  1. Needed Me- Rihanna  

  1. Boys ain’t shit- SAYGRACE 

  1. I wish I missed my ex – Mahalia 

  1. Feeling Myself- Nicki Minaj  

  1. Shout Out to My Ex- Little Mix  

  1. 7 rings- Ariana Grande  

  1. No Scrubs- TLC  

  1. Happiness- Little Mix  

  1. IDGAF- Dua Lipa  

  1. Since U Been Gone- Kelly Clarkson  

  1. Don’t Call Me Up- Mabel  

  1. Sue Me- Sabrina Carpenter  

  1. Raining Men- Rihanna 

  1. Good Days- SZA 

  1. Just like magic- Ariana Grande 

  1. I am- Yung Baby Tate 

  1. Work it- Missy Elliot  

  1. Savage Remix- Megan the Stallion  

  1. Sex with me- Rihanna  

  1. BO$$- Fifth Harmony  

  1. Sorry not Sorry- Demi Lavato  

  1. WAP- Cardi B 

  1. Confident- Demi Lavato  

  1. Thank You, next- Ariana Grande 

  1. When I Grow Up- The Pussycat Dolls 

  1. Money- Cardi B 

  1. Bitch Better Have my Money- Rihanna 

  1. Do My Thang- Miley Cyrus  

  1. My Type- Saweetie 

  1. Wasabi- Little Mix 

  1. Work Bitch- Britney Spears 

  1. 34 + 35- Ariana Grande 

  1. Barbie Tingz- Nicki Minaj 

  1. Josslyn- Olivia O’brien 

  1. Don’t Start Now- Dua Lipa 

  1. Sorry- Beyonce  

  1. Potential Breakup Song- Aly & AJ 

  1. Grow a Pear- Kesha 

  1. Me x7- Alicia Keys 

  1. Woman Up- Meghan Trainor  

  1. Shake it off- Taylor Swift 

I hope this playlist gave you some listening inspiration for this weekend – and whenever you need to remember that singleness is not a bad thing!

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