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3 Ways to Use TikTok to Be a Better Student 

Picture this: You can’t stand to look at, no less, work on another assignment. We have all been there. I mean, even I needed some motivation to write this article on top of my other assignments. You’d probably rather be doing anything else, such as scrolling on your favorite social media platform. Well, why not use that platform to help get work done?  

Here are 3 ways I use Tik Tok to be productive and get my work done: 

  1. Find a Study With Me  

Many people in the world love to go live or even post a short video of them doing their work. I don’t know about you, but being able to work alongside  someone else who has a lot to get done, I am instantly more productive. Something about it is also super calming and reminds me that I am not alone in feeling the pressure of doing work.  

  1. Watch a “College Study Day in the Life”  

Watching these videos of other college students’ days makes me want to copy them because I am always looking for ideas that help me be better at balancing out my day. These videos usually contain people using healthy habits. They go to the gym in the morning, eat balanced meals, attend class and do homework/study. Just by reading their habits, doesn’t it already make you want to do better? Not only do they show the highs in their day, but they also show the lows. They remind you that it’s okay to be human, and maybe you can only handle the bare minimum that day.  

  1. Follow a Law Student 

Following a law student on TikTok has been the most helpful in making me motivated. Something about the number of readings they are assigned causes me to realize that if they can handle their eighty pages a night of readings, I can overcome the twenty I need to do. They also tend to do a Study With Me live, which ties into my other tip of finding a Study With Me. For example, I follow this one account, OkCallie, and while she was a third year law student studying for the Bar Exam, she would often do a Study With Me or make videos of her day. When she went live, I would hop right on and complete my assignments while she did hers.  

Now that you have these 3 simple ways to start being motivated with school, go finish those assignments you’ve been pushing off!

Abygale is an Accounting major from New Jersey and is a part of Loyola Maryland’s class of 2024. She also really enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family, and baking during her free time.