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Winter Essentials: Handcream

With colder weather quickly approaching, I’ve been going through hand creams very quickly. In winter, my skin tends to get extra dry, flaky, and irritable. Thankfully, there are hand creams and lotion to remedy that. I think that keeping your skin hydrated, especially in winter, is incredibly important. That is why I highly recommend investing in a good hand cream to keep in your hand bag on a daily basis!

Recently, I’ve been reaching for hand creams from the brand Being by Sanctuary Spa. This week I was able to try two of the brand’s scented hand creams. The hand creams contain ingredients like almond oil and shea butter which work wonders for moisturizing dry skin. Being by Sanctuary Spa is a cruelty-free brand that has an array of bath and body products. The brand has five different scents that work to appeal to everyone. The brand also offers products that are vegetarian and vegan friendly!

The salted caramel and macadamia hand cream smells absolutely delicious. The scent is incredibly sweet and I found myself reaching for it often. On the other hand, the cloudberry and lychee blossom scent is more fruity. I prefer sweeter scents to fruity ones so I personally liked the salted caramel and macadamia hand cream better.


I did find myself having to apply the hand creams a few times throughout the day because they aren’t that long-lasting, but I would definitely buy the products again for their amazing scents!


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Samar is a senior broadcast journalism major and global and international studies minor at Loyola. Although she hails from Toledo, Ohio, Samar has found homes in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Rome. She has spent the past three years with Her Campus, sharing her insights on politics, women's issues, as well as beauty and lifestyle hacks.  
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