Who is Behind @LUC_Geese?

       Loyola students have gotten quite a laugh out of the @luc_geese Instagram account that posts pictures of Loyola students around campus wearing Canada Goose jackets, making light of the “rich kid”stereotypes. I got the inside scoop on the LUC Geese Instagram account from the anonymous creator themself:



1) What was your intent when you created the Luc_Geese account? Did you expect it to receive this much attention?


“I swear there are more Canada Goose Parkas than bunnies now, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to start something. I wanted for the account to be something people look forward to, and for it to be a collective effort of the community based off students supplying the pictures. I never really expected it to take off, I thought its only follower would be me and a few friends I guilted into following it. It's fun to see people enjoying it and sending in pictures casually from the elevator, the shuttle, etc.”


2) I have only heard positive things about the luc_geese Instagram account. Do you ever get negative feedback?


“Gratefully,no. I have had a person once or twice tell me that a caption could have been funnier and I'm kind of like well yeah obviously. I don't take it to heart, though, because I know they're probably the same people who like biosoap.”

3)  Do you wear a Canada Goose jacket? (I’m dying to know)


“Yeah haha I do. I thought if I can make fun of myself, others can too. I've actually had pictures of me sent in before.”


4) Does luc_geese have any secrets or confessions?


“Not really, I'm an open book (except for the fact that I hide my identity).”



5)  Do you only post submissions from other people or have you posted your own pictures too? Do you make up the captions yourself?


“I took the first few pictures, but now I can't keep up with the pictures that are sent in, so luckily I haven't had to take any for a bit.


I also write the captions myself and honestly it gets stressful. I act like I'm writing the Gettysburg Address some weeks. I do have a group of trusted friends who will proofread the captions and make me not feel like this account is another 3 credit class.”


6)  Who is the person behind the LUC Geese account?


“I think the best part of the account is the fact that my followers don't know who I am. But some hints are that I'm a sophomore, I personally know over half of my followers, so odds are you know me, and lastly I am in one of the pictures myself.”



Now Loyola students are able to feel a bit more connected with the witty and hilarious person behind the @LUC_Geese Instagram account that we have all gotten a laugh out of. We appreciate you, @LUC_Geese!