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There’s nothing worse than the last-minute stress of finding the perfect outfit for your event. I’ve had times where I was so excited to get all dressed up to do something fun, and then I ended up stressed out with ruined makeup from trying on outfits, and hating the final look. I’ve decided that will not be me this holiday season, so I’ve already started planning!

Here is my guide to fail-proof holiday outfits that will always fit the occasion.


Everyone knows it’s best to wear leggings or stretchy jeans on Thanksgiving. I also recommend wearing colors such as brown, tan, cream, maroon, forest green and burnt orange. These are timeless, and will always give the perfect fall vibes. I think chunky knit sweaters paired with a skirt are also such a cute look for Thanksgiving!

Black Friday Shopping

Whether you are going to be braving the malls or shopping online, it’s important that you are comfortable! I love going to the outlet mall on Black Friday, so I like to wear layers because I’m constantly in and out of the stores. This year I will be rocking a matching sweat set, my winter coat and a beanie!

Christmas Eve

Depending on your Christmas Eve plans, this outfit needs to be versatile. I need an outfit that can go from dinner at grandma’s to church to my boyfriend’s Christmas party. This is a long day, so I want to be comfortable but still dressed up. Something like a sweater dress or leather pants with a slightly oversized sweater are perfect for the occasion. I also like to stick to traditional Christmas colors (red, green, black, white) because there is usually a family photo, and that ensures you don’t stick out awkwardly! Personally, I would avoid super distressed jeans and short crop tops, but your Christmas Eve might call for something different. 

Christmas Morning

The only way to wake up on Christmas morning is wearing your Christmas PJs! My family gets new ones every year on Christmas Eve, and then we all wear them that night. It’s one of my favorite traditions, and then next year, you can wear them all month long to get in the holiday spirit. 

Christmas Day

The obvious choice for Christmas Day would be to wear red or green — and I love that! I think wearing something festive is super fun, and looks great in photos. But, I am also a fan of playing into the more subtle references to Christmas such as plaid, white and gold. I think this is also the perfect time to wear an ugly Christmas sweater (in a cute way!), or those traditional patterned sweaters that just scream Hallmark Christmas movie. 

New Year’s Eve

The vibe of your outfit on New Year’s Eve should be fun! This is the perfect time to break out your glitter and sequins, or rock an all-black outfit with fun accessories. Even if you’ll be having a chill New Year’s Eve, you want to put your best foot forward to go into 2022. 

New Year’s Day

 January 1st is the day to recover from the holidays, manifest, and get your life in order. The uniform for ‘trying to get my life in order’ is athleisure. Whether that means leggings and a crewneck, or a matching set, you’ll need to be comfortable to start off the new year on the right foot. 

Frankie is a sophomore at Loyola University Chicago, majoring in Advertising/Public Relations with minors in Marketing and Visual Communications. She's from the suburbs of Chicago, and can usually be found online shopping, on a coffee run or forcing her little sister to stop for pictures.
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