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Recently, Her Campus announced that they were partnering with a handful of brands to deliver Community Care Packages to select applicants across the nation. My co-correspondent, Amanda, and I were fortunate to receive a package for ourselves to share with our Her Campus community at Loyola! So many great products were included in my box, and I can’t wait to share them with you. 


1.  Batiste dry shampoo and cleansing foam


I was so excited to hear that Batiste products would be in the community care package, since I use their dry shampoo all the time! The scent of this product is delightful, and the packaging is absolutely adorable. Our care package included two different kinds of dry shampoo; volumizing and a cleansing foam. I had never used the cleansing foam before, so I was incredibly excited to try it out. 

Thankfully, the box included a few Her Campus x Batiste branded cards with instructions on how to use the products. After reading the instructions, I put  a small amount of product on the palm of my hand, and was surprised that the consistency was light and airy. I thought it might weigh my hair down with its texture, but surprisingly, it was easy to massage into my hair and I didn’t feel any product build up at all.


2. CeraVe hydrating cleanser


TikTok has shown me the wonders of the CeraVe brand. If you follow any skincare gurus like @skincarebyhyram, then you know that their products are highly rated and a fan favorite for many! I had never tried this specific cleanser, but after posting a photo on Instagram, I received tons of messages about how this is a staple in so many people’s skincare routines. 

The texture is at first very creamy and soft, then turns to a light foam as you gently rub it into the skin. The packaging says that it is best suited for normal to dry skin, but CeraVe makes other cleansers for a variety of skin types! Personally, my skin is more of a combination, so I’m not sure that I’ll stick to using this specific cleanser. However, the quality of this product has definitely turned me into a fan of Cerave’s skincare line. 


3. Lola cotton tampons


I had never heard of this tampon brand before, but what girl can’t use more good tampons, right? I absolutely adore the cute, light blue packaging, as well as the 100% organic cotton material. The brand definitely comes across as fresh and clean, exactly how I want to feel when I’m on my period! Lola has a variety of period products, including tampons, pads, liners, and even an entire period kit to have everything in one place. Another great selling point for this brand is that their products are super affordable, because no one should have to worry about breaking the bank during their period week. Overall, this product is a great addition to the care package, and I loved that I got to discover a new brand to support!


4. Bartleby water bottle and hand sanitizer


Bartleby is an online subscription service with countless tools for helping students succeed. Their services include textbooks, 24/7 homework help, a solutions database, and expert Q&A sessions. Bartleby also acts as your personal writing tutor with citation assistance and grammar/ spelling checkers! This company truly has all that you need to succeed, and they sent me a cute water bottle and hand sanitizer to stay healthy and hydrated while studying. I definitely think that their mission to create an easier way to study hard is so helpful for college students like myself. If you’re looking for extra support in studying and writing for your classes this semester, I highly suggest checking them out!


5. Absolute New York four-in-one makeup brush & lip gloss


These might be my favorite items in my community care package. Because I’ve never really invested in high-end makeup brushes for myself, getting a new makeup brush (well, technically four new brushes!) was incredibly exciting. The two bigger brushes, including a chiseled makeup sponge and blending brush, are attached to plastic pieces that screw onto the centerpiece of the brush. The two smaller brushes reside inside the plastic pieces. One side is a blending brush and the other is an angled eyeshadow brush for smoking out your eye makeup. I love that this brush is four-in-one, because it can stay compact in my makeup bag! Absolute New York also included a coral colored lip gloss in the shade “fantasy”. It is a perfect mini sized product for your purse, and the formula seems very high quality — not too sticky, but perfectly glossy. I can’t wait to start using these new makeup products in my everyday routine. 

I am SO grateful to have received all of these awesome products in my Community Care Package! And I can’t wait to share them with my Her Campus community here at Loyola. Make sure to follow @hercampusluc to see these products featured on our page and stay up to date with our HCLUC community.

Ellie is an Assistant Social Media Editor for Her Campus, College Fashionista and Spoon University. An avid coffee drinker and TikTok enthusiast, she is passionate about all things social justice and exploring the city of Chicago.
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