Wash Away any Skin Troubles with this Cleanser!

With all of the bundling up that winter requires, our skin needs all of the refreshment and nourishment it can get! And what better way to get that glow back than with Mary Kay’s Naturally Purifying Cleanser?! Two of our writers, Monica and Shelby, tried the product out and have been adoring it. The creamy substance is free of harmful parabens, silicone, alcohol and synthetic fragrances and dyes– perfect for giving your skin a little extra loving. 

Monica’s Review

I have very oily skin and have been struggling with hormonal acne more recently. I’ve been on almost every antibiotic, topical and hormonal medication out there but nothing worked. My skin went through a lot after using harsh topical gels for 7 years. It lost its youthful glow and became dull, dry, and tight.. Now, I stick to a simple daily routine that includes a basic cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and tinted moisturizer with SPF. 

My skin struggles have been a never ending battle, so I understand the frustration when it comes to finding the perfect routine. I get nervous trying new products but I’ve been wanting to change things up. 

When I got the Mary Kay cleanser, the first thing I did was read the ingredients. As someone who has oily and acne prone skin, I was happy when I read that the product was non-comedogenic, which means that it won’t block your pores. According to Mary Kay’s website, the product is 99.49% natural origin, which indicates the percentage of the ingredients derived from natural sources (water, plants, minerals). There are limited ingredients and I could recognize most as safe to use, such as coco-caprylate (an agent that conditions your skin), aloe leaf juice, centaurea cyanus flower water (soothes and regenerates the skin), shea butter, almond oil, sunflower seed oil and nuphar luteum root extract. 

There were a few that I wasn’t familiar with, so I used Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database , to find a rating of the ingredients and functions. I learned that those ingredients are used to maintain the product and blend it together, but are safe to use on the skin. The only drawback was that the cleanser included fragrance/parfum, which I’m usually not a fan of. Otherwise, I felt very comfortable using this. 

As I washed my face, the first thing I noticed was how silky and gentle it was on my skin. It actually felt like I was rubbing a piece of silk cloth on my cheeks. The cleanser has a creamy texture and does not foam. 

After I rinsed the product off, my skin felt clean and supple. My skin felt clean, but not stripped of moisture. This did take some getting used to. Cleansers I have used in the past, that were labeled as “gentle cleansers” always left my skin feeling stripped, dry, and tight. I always thought this was an indicator of it being clean, but I realized I was wrong. This cleanser left my skin feeling soft, nourished and overall happier. I even noticed that my skin was GLOWING afterwards, rather than lifeless. The best part was that I haven’t been getting oily throughout the day, compared to when I use other cleansers. 

Overall, I do think that the cleanser is suitable for sensitive skin. I have been using it for a few days now and haven’t experienced any breakouts or bumps on my forehead, which is usually an indicator that my skin has been irritated. I’ll definitely stick to this as a winter cleanser, since my skin goes through dry and oily phases with the harsh Chicago weather. I highly recommend giving this cleanser a try! It definitely surpasses what my dermatologists have been recommending to me for over 7 years. 

Shelby’s Review

I’ve actually been using a Mary Kay cleanser for years, but never came across this particular iteration, so I was excited to see what formula differences they had come up with!

I have pretty normal skin with hormonal and stress-induced acne around my chin and nose. My biggest struggle has always been finding products that won’t exacerbate my flare ups and leave my skin feeling dry and tight. It always seems like when I switch products I need to wait several weeks before my face stops freaking out. And with finals right around the corner, I was nervous to add one more potential stressor. 

But armed with brand confidence and a curiosity fueled by rave reviews, I started implementing Mary Kay’s natural cleanser into my routine a few weeks ago. And honestly? It’s been exactly like finding out your favorite thing just got that much better! 

Because my skin isn’t excessively oily I try to keep my cleansing limited to every night before bed. I find that with plummeting temperatures and dry air, any more cleansing tends to leave my skin tight and uncomfortable. With this creamy formula I never feel like I’m lacking in nourishment or skimping on skincare by only using it once a day. 

This product is paraben free, which means it doesn’t have the harsh preservatives that are often found in food and cosmetics. So when I use this as the first step in my skincare routine, I feel confident I’m setting a great foundation for the rest of my products. After washing my hands and gently wetting my face with lukewarm water, I rub the cleanser all over and let it sit for a minute or two. (Pro tip: rubbing in your cleanser is the perfect time to get a little pre-bedtime face massage in!) 

Wiping it off was like emerging with a new, highly nourished face! Just like Monica, my skin was glowing and felt soft to the touch. Unlike similar products I’ve tried over the years, it doesn’t leave my face feeling stripped and raw to the touch. Instead, it absorbs beautifully and applies evenly across the face. 

And all of my previous apprehensions turned out to be unfounded: not only did this keep any dramatic and unfortunate flare ups from happening, but I actually noticed a reduction in redness and acne around my usual problem spots. Who doesn’t love a product that can do it all?! 

Since I started working this new version of Mary Kay’s cleanser into my nighttime routine I’ve felt refreshed and revitalized. I’ve been recommending this product to all of my friends and assuring them it will change their perspective on what a cleanser is capable of. Best of all, a 4.5 oz. bottle is only $26. For the quality you’ll be getting, on top of how little cream you’ll need to get the job done, this is stellar. It’s a high quality facial at an extremely affordable price: every college student’s dream. 

If you want to try this cleanser out for yourself, you can find it here or check out the full set of Mary Kay’s Natural skincare line here, which includes the nourishing oil we’ve previously reviewed!

Photo courtesy of Mary Kay