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When the Venti Starbucks Coffee Hits


When You Have a Paper Due at Midnight But It's 11:47PM.


When You Break Up With Your Long-Time SO, But Your Hair is Too Precious To Chop Off


When Loyola Basketball Introduces Sister Jean


Photo Courtesy of Bleacher Report


Loyola PD When Your Stop At A Sign Isn't A Whole Three (3) Seconds


Engineering Kids Trying to Flex At The Function


Sorority Girls During Work Week


Freshmen at the Welcome Week ShinDigs


Honestly Just Every Single Day


When Someone Makes Direct Eye Contact with Your Eyeballs When You're Jaywalking Across Sheridan


Loyola Admins Snatching Your Hard Earned Money


Loyola Dining???


You and Your Homies in the Back of the Classroom


When Your Jesuit Homie Wakes Up On Sunday Ready for Jesus


Student-Athletes in General


Theology 101