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Without a doubt, YouTube is one of my favorite social media platforms. I can spend hours on end watching celebrity interviews,  day-in-the-life videos, and morning and night routines. There are more creators on the platform today than ever before and in the midst of millions of people that you could watch, I’ve got a list of five amazing women that you may not have heard of!

First on the list is Megan Parken. Parken has been creating makeup and beauty videos since she was a teen, and what makes her channel so unique is that she maintains the “old YouTube” vibe we all miss. What I personally love most about Parken’s videos is her willingness to be open and raw in her various chit-chat videos which I find so relatable and inspiring. A lot of our lives are clouded with the lies social media portrays but Parken is completely transparent, and never trades money or followers for authenticity.

Next is Bella Fiori. Fiori is an Australian YouTuber who first began her channel with a focus on beauty and makeup videos. Over the last few years however, she has created more conspiracy and missing person case videos which I find incredibly intriguing and interesting. One of my favorite videos is actually a missing person case that was solved (which I will link here.) I love her videos because she puts so much effort and research into each case. She recognizes that although she is making these videos for entertainment purposes, these cases often raise awareness of missing people and are a platform for information to be brought to life in an effort to solve the case.

Next up is Jessica Howell. Howell has been making videos since she was a college athlete and specializes mainly in lifestyle vlogs. Her videos are so calming and entertaining, and I love having them in the background while I clean my room or do the dishes. She has such a down to earth and refreshing personality and doesn’t put up a front in order to be more appealing or energetic. She is truly herself and doesn’t pretend she has her life together which I deeply appreciate.

Next is Maggie Macdonald. Macdonald got her start by gaining a following on Tumblr which eventually transferred over to her YouTube channel. Macdonald’s channel features mainly vlogs and is centered around creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She constantly shares her favorite workouts, healthy recipes, etc. I love Macdonald’s videos as they motivate me to be more productive and organized.  Last but not least is most likely my favorite YouTuber of all time, Katy Bellote. There is truly not enough good things I can say about her. Bellote started her channel years ago in 2008 and creates all sorts of videos pertaining to beauty, fashion, vlogging, and chit-chat style videos which are my absolute favorite. Anyone who watches Bellote knows she loves getting raw and vulnerable on camera and opening up about her struggles in her day to day life. I truly admire the time she takes editing each video as even a simple vlog becomes a beautiful miniature movie. Bellote is the true representation of girlboss and her videos inspire others to go for their dreams, believe in their worth, and never let anyone tell them no.

Each of these YouTubers is so dedicated to their craft and put so much effort into the work that they do. They are hardworking women who push out diverse videos on a consistent basis so you’ll never be out of content. Each of them have traits and recording styles that are unique and fun to see. With that said; like, comment and don’t forget to subscribe! 

Kayla Kalu

Loyola '23

Kayla is a LUC sophomore studying marketing. She is a lover of yearly 2000's fashion, Christopher Nolan films, and Italian food.
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