The Ultimate Halloween Bucket List

October 31st is fast approaching, and there’s still a lot to do! We all know the struggle of finding the perfect Halloween costume in time for all of the end-of-the-month festivities. But don’t let your stress keep you from enjoying the spookiest season! Get into the Halloween spirit this year by checking these things off of your bucket list:

1.) Visit a haunted house

  • What better way to kick off your final week of Halloween festivities than a good old-fashioned fright fest? Take your friends to a local haunted house and bet on who’s going to be the biggest chicken. If you’re in the Rogers Park area on Friday, October 26th, check out the Beta Theta Pi Haunted House at the Loyola Lakeshore campus! The entrance fee is only $5 and all proceeds go to Misericordia to help care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

2.) Have a Halloween movie marathon

  • If haunted houses aren’t your cup of tea, grab your friends and check out Netflix’s lengthy list of Halloween horror flicks. If you’re not ready to be afraid of the dark for a whole week after watching The Conjuring, stream a timeless classic like Halloweentown or Nightmare Before Christmas!

3.) Make (and eat) some Halloween treats

  • I think we can all agree that the food is the best part of any holiday--especially when it comes to Halloween. This holiday is the one day of the year where all people, young and old, have a free pass to indulge in copious amounts of sugar. Click the link in the photograph above to learn how to make some spooky-ooky desserts that are sure to impress everyone at your Halloween party. Maybe even make it a group effort by getting your friends in on the fun!

4.) Plan and make a group Halloween costumes with your friends

Plan out the perfect group costume with your squad--the possibilities are endless! A few ideas include going as Disney princesses, the Scooby-Doo gang, the Power Rangers, or any other group from your favorite TV show or movie. Part of the fun is getting together and making your costumes as a group! Or, if your squad isn’t the DIY type, hit the local Halloween pop-up store and shop for ready-made costumes together.


5.) Hit the pumpkin patch or local fall festival

  • You’re never too old to enjoy the local fall festival or drive up to a pumpkin patch with your friends! If you’re a Chicago local, check out the Lincoln Park Zoo Fall Fest going on until the end of October. Not only are the cold-weather animals still out and about, but there’s plenty of fall festivities including a corn maze and a petting zoo.

6.) Carve some pumpkins

  • Pumpkins are, without a doubt, the most iconic part of the Halloween season. Bring home some funky pumpkins from a local grocery store (I mean, they’re everywhere these days) and look to pop culture or google images for the perfect pumpkin-spo (see what I did there?!). Once you’ve released your inner Bob Ross upon your orange canvas, use the leftover “guts” to make some delicious pie if you dare! My personal favorite pumpkin recipe involves sprinkling the seeds with salt and toasting them in the oven.

7.) Volunteer or fundraise

  • One of the best ways to enjoy the holiday season event is by giving back to those who are less fortunate. Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF is one of many ways you can help out! If you’re taking your younger siblings or cousins trick-or-treating this year, bring along a donation box and trick-or-treat for spare change. These seemingly insignificant donations really add up, and they help children across the world receive clean water, food, medical care, and other resources through the efforts of UNICEF.

8.) Throw a Halloween bash

  • Finish off your Halloween bucket list by throwing a costume party to wrap up the spooky season with a bang. Plan out the perfect costume and hit the Dollar Tree for cheap but festive party decor. Maybe even combine some of the aforementioned bucket list items and turn them into the perfect party by streaming classic horror movies on a projector, holding a pumpkin carving contest, and setting up a spooky treat decorating station for your guests!


October is the time to come together with your family and friends and enjoy some freaky holiday traditions. And, as you can see, there’s a lot of ways to get in the Halloween spirit this season!