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Style Advice from Alex Schmidt



Have you seen her yet? Alex Schmidt, a sophomore at Loyola University, keeps heads turnin’ with her boho-chic (not to mention flat-out classy) sense of style, and you’ll be sure to notice if you ever see her around campus! But how does she put it all together? What does her style say about her? I had a chance to meet with Alex to uncover all the details!

When looking through the latest trends, Alex says that she looks for versatile pieces that she can mix and match with multiple outfits for different occasions. She also looks for clothes that are comfortable, yet figure-flattering. What I think is so great about Alex’s sense of style is that you would never guess that the clothes she’s wearing are super comfy because they’re so stylish—but that’s her trick—she styles herself well and she knows how to wear her clothes well.

Alex tends to go for flowy pieces that are comfortable, paired with bold, high-fashion statement pieces that stand out among the crowd—and she definitely accomplishes that! Not only do her outfits prove that she knows what’s she’s doing when it comes to fashion, they also reflect her bold, yet free-spirited personality.

So, where does she find all of these adorable, “gimme!” pieces? Her secret: online shopping. However, Alex also added that she loves Akira Chicago “because they have a ton of bold pieces and great options to sport while [she’s] going out on the town!”

Be on the look-out for this sweet, trendy, fashion guru (and mermaid!) on campus—we can all learn a thing or two from Alex Schmidt! 

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