Students of Loyola: Rosie Choi


Students of Loyola: a take on the very exciting, emotional, and raw, “Humans of New York.” We want to capture the students at Loyola in a way that has not been done before. We want people’s joy and struggles to be out there, without forcing anything too much.


Meet Rosie Choi:



Why did you decide to join a cultural sorority? How has your experience been so far?


“I decided to join a cultural sorority because my culture (the food I eat, the language I speak, and the traditions I uphold within my family) plays a tremendous role in who I am today. So, sophomore year of college, when I was looking for a community to be a part of, with a goal of wanting to be a part of something bigger than me as an individual, the idea of joining a sorority stood out to me the most, as opposed to a cultural student organization. To find a group of women who share similar experiences as a minority group, and at the same time, uphold the same values and cherish their culture and background as much as I do, was a gold-striking feeling. My experience of being a member of Delta Phi Lambda has been nothing short of incredible. My sisters have become my family on campus, and an incredible support system that I could not imagine being without today. They motivate me to strive to be the best student in the classroom and also be the best version of myself as a member of society. My biggest regret is not joining one sooner; I’ve finally found my home on campus.”