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Students of Loyola: Lindsay Oleksijew

Students of Loyola: a take on the very exciting, emotional, and raw, “Humans of New York.” We want to capture the students at Loyola in a way that has not been done before. We want people’s joy and struggles to be out there, without forcing anything too much.


Meet Lindsay Oleksijew:



What is your philosophy on life?


“It took awhile for me to realize, but my philosophy on life is to take it slow, and to always assess if I’m doing things for the right reasons. I changed my major in college as a second semester junior from Biochemistry, to Forensic Science, and at the time, that was a huge hurdle for me to jump. I had always put a lot of pressure on myself from what I thought people expected of me. I was completely set since freshman year that I wanted to graduate in four years with the same degree I started with because that is just what I thought was the right way to do it. Looking back, I feel like I had really rushed my first years at Loyola when it came to academics, not really being completely happy with what I was doing, and not being very fulfilled with the results. You grow so much from freshman year, and you experience new things and discover new interests. Don’t be afraid to act on those new interests, even if it takes you off your original path a little bit, because that new interest might just put you on the right track. Though changing your major may not feel that deep to some, for me, it was a changing point in my life that I started doing things for me, simply because I wanted to, and not because of what I thought was expected of me to do.”


Hayley Accola is a senior studying psychology and criminal justice at Loyola University Chicago. Hayley is a self-proclaimed nap queen and a crêpe enthusiast. You can find her watching funny cat videos, eating Nutella straight from the jar, or shopping downtown on any given day of the week. Find her on Instagram @hayleyaccola !
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