Students of Loyola: Jen Becker

Students of Loyola: a take on the very exciting, emotional, and raw, “Humans of New York.” We want to capture the students at Loyola in a way that has not been done before. We want people’s joy and struggles to be out there, without forcing anything too much.


Meet Jen Becker:


The most influential person in my life would have to be my mom. She demonstrates such strength in times when other people just can’t. My mom also always has such a positive outlook on life. She is also really funny and always makes me laugh. She is so understanding, it is almost hard for her to not see things from my perspective. She is also always very level-headed, no matter how many dumb things I do (which is a lot) she always knows what to say and how to cheer me up. She will always be my shoulder to cry on that I desperately need in life. She has a six sense or something and knows when I am sick and always pulls through. I aspire to be half the woman she is, because if I can do that I will be happy.