Students of Loyola: Camille Jackson

Students of Loyola: a take on the very exciting, emotional, and raw, “Humans of New York.” We want to capture the students at Loyola in a way that has not been done before. We want people’s joy and struggles to be out there, without forcing anything too much.


Meet Camille Jackson​: 



What is one of your dreams in life?  

“One of my dreams that I'm actively working towards is becoming a filmmaker/ storyteller. By showing the array of people's interests, experiences, and identities through film and writing, I have the opportunity to showcase that our differences are what make us beautiful, unique, and united. Ever since I was a child, stories, through television, film, and books, has been a pivotal role within my life. The media shaped my perceptions of the world, and as I grew up, I noticed not seeing people that looked like me in leading roles, or the roles being portrayed were one-dimensional. This, to me, as a black woman, was disheartening. My goal as a storyteller is to reach out to other young people and tell them that they and their experiences are valid and they deserve to feel seen.”