Stress-Free Shaving Start with Skintimate

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Listen, we get it’s approaching winter and the season of ~not shaving~ is upon us. But that doesn’t mean we can't still give our skin a little TLC! If you’re a person who loves having baby-soft skin, no matter how dry or bitter the air is, then Skintimate’s Exfoliating Disposable Razors are a must! 

With four blades and an exfoliating strip, prepare for some serious pampering. The warm vanilla sugar razor left my skin feeling smooth and dreamy, and the sturdy-grip handles prevented any nicks or cuts. The secret to such a spectacular razor is the sugar scrub in the blade itself. Dead skin is wicked away and the skin is left exfoliated! 

As an infamous creature of habit, I’ve been using the same razors since I began shaving in middle school. Switching it up with Skintimate was a huge step for me, but one that I’ve fallen head over heels for. The handle is easy to grip onto, even in a slippery shower setting. The razor head glides over the skin so effortlessly, I could barely feel it. And my skin felt nourished and smooth before I had even applied my post-shower lotion!

What’s best, not even the frigid Chicago air could suck the moisture out of my legs. My legs always need a little extra love as they tend to dry out quickly and are prone to razor burn. But with Skintimate, I have yet to experience any of painful bumps or irritation! This razor felt like it was nourishing my skin, even as it shaved away hair. It’s gentle without sacrificing a quality cut, which we love to see. 

A package comes with three disposable razors and is available for only $13.29! Keep one in your shower and one stashed in your purse for any on-the-go emergencies. Your skin and your wallet will thank you!