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Starting the Semester off Right: A Playlist

Sometimes I feel like I get stuck in a music loop:  listening to the same songs and playlists over and over until I get absolutely sick of them. I really wanted to expand my music knowledge in the new year, so I compiled a list of playlists from Spotify that I found to share with you all! Each playlist will be linked so you can check them out right from this article! :) 


This might be my favorite playlist that I found during my search. It has a compilation of synthy beats, R&B, Alternative R&B and Alternative Hip Hop. Rollin’ Stone by Kyle Lux just h i t s.


This ones for my electronic babies. This playlist eases you into the world of alternative electronic and is the perfect background track for any project or paper.

Bedroom Pop

This is it. This list boils my music taste down to a T. As described in its bio, this playlist has “Dreamy jams from the best bedroom producers.” If you want some beats that make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud, this is for you.

Walk Like a Badass 2.0

Ok so maybe this playlist doesn’t have new songs per say, but when I tell you it makes me wanna stomp around campus in stiletto boots, you must listen. If you’re not feeling so hot one day and need that extra oomf, I would definitely recommend putting this on shuffle.


Last but definitely not least, I stumbled across this playlist that has “New moods for 2020,” and I must say I agree. The whole thing has an effortless flow of new R&B, overall alternative and even some pop. New year new you? This is your playlist.

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