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Songs You Heard in the 7th Grade that Make Frequent Appearances at Frat Parties

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LUC chapter.

Same song thrice in one singular evening? You must be at a Greek party. No shame, though. I understand. Things it be like sometimes: that. 

The only sure-fire way to ensure you are, in fact, at a toga party is to listen for these songs. Do you get middle school flashbacks? Yes? Perfect. You are in the right place.

TiK ToK // Ke$ha

I honestly have never related more to a song. Or another human being. When I get older, I want to be this chick. I don’t think she ever sleeps, but that’s okay. Sleep is for The Weak. Bottle of Jack Me UP gf.

Gold Digger // Kanye West

How in the world he managed to find a girl with a Lou Viton at the hair salon is beyond me. Plus, this girl has a baby by Usher? If anyone knows this chick can you hook me up? I’m genuinely interested in learning her ways.

Hollaback Girl // Gwen Stefani

I, like all millennials, learned to spell bananas from Gwen. I don’t know why this song still bops. But it does. Or do the bros bump it because they still struggle with spelling? We may never know.

SexyBack // Justin Timberlake

I vividly remember watching the music video for this song on MTV. Who let me do this? Why did I know the lyrics to this song before I learned algebra? Where did sexy go that she had to be brought back? I have many questions.

Just Dance // Lady GaGa

This woman is an icon. No further explanation needed.

It Wasn’t Me // Shaggy

To this day, I still cannot believe he let her CATCH him. RED HANDED —-> with the GIRL NEXT DOOR!? The tea REMAINS hot.

Hot in Herre // Nelly

Ever wonder why fraternity parties are always gross and hot and sweaty? Now you know.

Yeah! // Usher

Do fraternities actually still play this? Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. YEAHHH.

Low // Flo Rida + T-Pain

Shawty really had those apple bottom jeans. AND the boots with the fur. I don’t know how she managed to hit the floor in those, but who am I to judge? She was ahead of the times with the Rebooks. She knew something we didn’t, that’s for sure.

Sexy and I Know It // LMFAO

Why did my parents let me listen to this? Why did they look like that? Why was his name Redfoo? Did he seriously think we would look at that body? I give them mad props for the confidence though. You do you honey.

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