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Six Dorm Room and Apartment Essentials

Summer might be the only thing on your mind right now as the semester winds down and finals week creeps closer. However, many of us are apartment-hunting and signing the lease on new apartments, or planning to move into a temporary dorm room while you go to summer school or work on campus after the semester ends. Here’s a list of six dorm/apartment essentials to help you settle into your new place (click the picture if you would like to purchase the item):


1) Cute Comforter set

The most important thing in every bedroom is the bed, of course! Trade your plain old comforter set from freshman year for something fresh like this peach-printed set from Shein.com. This is one of my favorite websites to find cute additions to my bedroom for very reasonable prices.


2) Woven area rug

If you have dingy dorm carpeting or scratched-up hardwood flooring in your new room, cover it up with a woven area rug. It ties the room together while making your space extra cozy. Urban Outfitters has a great selection of unique and beautiful rugs perfect for any space. By the way, this rug goes perfectly with the previously mentioned peach-printed comforter set!



2) Underbed storage

I don’t know about you, but one closet does not cut it for me in terms of storage space. If you have an unreasonably large wardrobe like me, try tucking your extra clothes under your bed! Keep your under-bed area organized with these amazing divided organizers with clear sides to show you what’s in each section.


3) Jewelry Tree

Avoid letting your favorite necklaces get jumbled into an impossible-to-untangle ball by hanging them on this beautiful jewelry organizer from Amazon (yes, it’s eligible for Prime!). Not only can it fit your rings, necklaces, and earrings, but it serves as a decorative display as well!



5) Tezza Collage Kit

    If you’ve ever longed to have a gorgeous wall collage like the ones you’ve seen on your instagram feed, this is how you get one! You can purchase a collage kit (link in the picture) and customize it by choosing which pictures you’d like to hang up. These collages can even span an entire wall in your room.


6) Tapestry

If an $80 collage set is out of your decorating budget, check out redbubble.com for the most unique and affordable tapestries on the internet. Pro tip: hang a big tapestry on the wall behind your bed to make it work as an unconventional yet bold headboard.


Jacky is a senior at Loyola University Chicago. Although she is a Molecular/Cellular Neuroscience major and hopes to work as a psychiatrist in the future, she loves to write, draw and paint in her free time. This year, she is the treasurer and an editor for the HerCampus LUC chapter. 
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