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Representing a World of Fashion Through Blogging

Fashion inspiration can come from anywhere really. Whether you’re browsing store windows, Pinterest, or a new magazine, traveling, hooked on street style, or raiding your friend’s closet, there’s always someone doing fashion a little differently, or maybe even better than you. We look up to women who show confidence while wearing a great outfit and let’s face it, successful women dress well. Thanks to the World Wide Web we can now immerse ourselves into the fashion blogosphere and follow online blogs that are up to date with the latest fashion trends from across the globe. I picked a few of my favorite fashion and lifestyle blogs to share with our readers.

1. Brighton The Day

            Brighton Keller is a fashion blogger living in Houston, Texas. She started her blog in December 2011, originally hoping to help market her mother’s Italian shoe line. She dove headfirst into the blogger lifestyle and has been blogging and “brightoning the day” ever since. Her blog is a great place to get work appropriate, fashion inspiration that isn’t stuffy, but instead, bright, fun and sophisticated.

2. A Beautiful Mess

            A Beautiful Mess is a women’s lifestyle company, created by two sisters, Elsie and Emma. Their blog has everything from crafts and photography, to recipes and fashion. Look on “Sister Style” for everyday style inspiration, which is my favorite section of the blog. Here they share their everyday outfits they wore while going on different adventures.

3. Garance Doré

            From Paris to New York, Garance has been blogging since 2006. Garance Doré contains an amazing “Street Fashion” page not only from the streets of New York, but from around the world. “I love fashion because it is a wonderful way to communicate and because its nature is the time password – which I find incredibly romantic,” Garance says on her about page.

4. Jak & Jil

            One can be caught endlessly scrolling through the amazing fashion found on Jak & Jil. J&J contains high fashion street style from men and women across the globe, from New York to Milan, London, Paris and more.

5. NowManifest

            NowManifest is different than all the previous blogs mentioned. It is a portal into the world’s most influential fashion blogs. “At one destination, the NowManifest audience can connect with distinct perspectives from renowned personalities including BryanBoy, Anne Dello Russo, FashionToast, Derek Blasberg, FaceHunter, Sea of Shoes and Style Bubble.”  For a unique take on fashion that’s unfiltered, check out each individual blog, there’s something for everyone.

Kate is a small town lady with big city dreams. She is currently studying Advertising and Public Relations at Loyola University with a minor in Marketing. Moving to Chicago has been such an exciting experience for her. She enjoys traveling, attending social events, creating, shopping, keeping up with the latest music and fashion trends and so much more. She's so excited to be a part of the founding contributors of Her Campus LUC!