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Reality of Being a Transfer Student

I heard that transferring schools would be hard, I also heard that it would be the best decision I ever made. I heard that my grades might slip, but I truthfully didn’t know what to expect. Here’s the truth. 

  • Being a transfer student is difficult. There are many struggles that come along with being a transfer student, and it’s different for everyone. Personally, I left behind some amazing friends at my previous institution. I had become comfortable, and change is always hard. 

  • Your first semester could very well be your lowest grades. Whether or not you came from online classes, a community college, or a four-year university, all of the changes can affect your grades. In between navigating a new school and possibly a new city, making friends and getting comfortable, it can be really hard to focus on schoolwork. Do your best, but remember that one or two low grades aren’t the end of the world. 

  • It could take a long time to make friends. Some students make friends on the first day, but many don’t. That’s ok, you will make friends eventually. Being a transfer student requires an extra level of being outgoing and talking to people. Try to take advantage of events and resources specifically for transfer students. 

  • You might even regret it - at first. Honestly, it could really suck for a while, you might feel incredibly alone. But try to remember why you transferred. Was it to be closer to family, or maybe to attend a better school or for a major you wanted? You’re at your new school for a reason, even when it doesn’t feel like it. 

It took me months to feel like myself again. I felt like I had made a terrible decision, and didn’t know what I was supposed to. But then piece by piece things started to fall into place. All it takes is meeting one person, finding one professor you like, or one club where you feel like you belong to start to feel better. Yes, it can be incredibly difficult at times, especially when it feels like no one is talking about how hard it really is but it does get better, I promise.

Shannon is a junior majoring in political science at Loyola University Chicago. She loves working out, cooking, and exploring the city.
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