Perfectly Curated SoundCloud Mixes

I don’t know about you, but for me, listening to music while trying to be productive is both a blessing and curse. On one hand, it can motivate you to work even harder and help you get in the zone. We’ve all been there–you are grinding out that essay, music is bumpin’ in your headphones, and you as productive as possible. Your tunes make you feel like you are unstoppable. BUT on the other hand, I am sure you can think of a time where you just could not find the right song; you got too into the lyrics or the beat and you lost your focus. Then, you ended up scrolling on your phone or computer, looking for the “right” music. Surely, there has to be some way to listen to music and keep your head focused, at the same time.


I have found several great playlists and mixes on SoundCloud that are really conducive to productivity. A lot of these are great to listen to while you are getting ready, cleaning your dorm or apartment, and even when you’re driving. I like to find music compilations that are already curated so I do not have to spend time making my perfect playlist. I can just press play and be on my way. Both popular and lesser known artists and DJs on SoundCloud have compiled songs and beats meant for your enjoyment.


Here are 4 mixes/series I have found that will help you mellow out and work it out. Everyone has their own music tastes, but I feel that SoundCloud is less popular than traditional music apps and personally, I have found some of my favorite music ever on SoundCloud. Access these tunes via their links below or on the Soundcloud app/website. Enjoy!


Odesza’s “No.Sleep” Mixes – Odesza is, hands down, my favorite electronic music duo. They currently have 11 mixes, totalling almost 9 hours of music. Currently, I am loving #6, but I have listened to them all. These mixes have over millions of plays and likes on SoundCloud, so you’re bound to find one you like.


12 Tracks Tape – “Every month: One mixtape, two artists, 12 tracks each.” That is the motto behind DJ Fabich’s mixtape series. He pairs with one other DJ to make a new tape, combining his style with that of another artist. I like these a lot; they are a great way to discover new sounds/genres of music! My favorite is “Fabich + Young Franco.”


Soulection – Soulection is an entire entity and record label dedicated to producing chill tunes and beats. They host a radio show, often featuring a wide variety of artists. They even have over 100 episodes to listen to, meaning you will never run out and you will always be able to find a mix you like. My favorite, at the moment, is #210, a mix with guest SPZRKT, linked below.


Soft Focus – It’s in the same… Soft Focus. These beats are meant to help you relax and keep your head clear. The curators describe their music as “beat music, future beats, alternative R&B and cosmic soul.” And lucky for you, there are almost 100 tracks/mixes to check out on their SoundCloud.


My advice for listening to music while studying or simply just chilling out is to find something that has a relatively long listening time and minimal lyrics. Longer listening time = less time spent doing something other than what you’re supposed to be doing! Fewer lyrics = fewer distractions! Happy listening!