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My Favorite Hair Products at the Moment

I’ve been told on  multiple occasions that when people meet me, the first thing they notice is my hair. I have (very) long, straight hair that is thick and “healthy”. I only put quotations around that because we all have different definitions of healthy hair but to some, mine is healthy. I’ve also been told that I’m very lucky to have straight hair and not have to worry about it in the morning. I can agree that having to just deal with my makeup in the morning rather than hours of straightening is a plus but as they always say, “you always want what you can’t have”. I’ve always admired curly hair and wished my hair had a little curl to it to add some spice but here we are, 20 years later and I still have hair as straight as a board.

Ever since my mom started styling my hair, I have taken extra special care of it on my own because I started to let it grow out and before I knew it, my hair was down to my tailbone. Here are some of my favorite products for my straight, long, thick hair! (Bonus: they are pretty affordable!) 

  1. OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve been using this combo for years and absolutely love it. It’s not only affordable but also smells amazing. I’ve always loved using a coconut smelling hair product because it makes me feel like I’m on vacation! (Pro tip: If you don’t have a separate hair mask, you can leave your conditioner in for a few more minutes then rinse and your hair will be even softer!)  

  1. Monday Shampoo and Conditioner

Your hair gets used to what products you are using and can “dull” the effects of that hair product, so in order to maximize your results, you should switch shampoo and conditioners once you finish a bottle. I usually alternate between this brand and my go-to OGX duo. I usually use the “moisture” combo from Monday but they offer great options for different kinds of hair. (Pro tip: Just be careful when rinsing your conditioner out because of the ingredients used in conditioners, it can lead to back acne if you aren’t rinsing it away from your body.)

  1. Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo

For the blonde babies reading, purple shampoo is a god-send. I discovered it when I moved in with my freshman roommate and she was using one to enhance her highlights. I had a full head of blonde hair and hadn’t heard of this magical shampoo! I found that my favorite one is the Clairol one. I usually use this before “big events” or once a week. I simply put it in my hair then put a shower cap on and go about my shower routine. Allowing it to sit for a minute ensures you are getting the full effect. 

  1. Medicated Dandruff Shampoo

Look, it might be “embarrassing” but we know a majority of us have had to deal with this issue at least once in our lives. I find that I have more of a dandruff issue when I use too much dry shampoo, so after trying multiple brands, I found that this medicated shampoo from Walmart is the only one that works for me. It might smell kind of “hospital-ly” but I always use it before I do my regular shampoo and that helps mask the smell.   

  1. Microfiber Hair Towel

As my hair got longer and longer, I found that a regular bath towel was too small to dry all of my hair. Thus, I discovered this hair wrap! After some twisting, all my hair fits in the wrap and it feels way more secure than a regular hair towel. (Pro tip: If you aren’t in the mood to spend money, an old cotton t-shirt does the job as well and is actually great for your hair as it doesn’t create as much friction with your hair like a normal towel material does.)

  1. Olaplex No. 6 and Olaplex No. 7

I use these two iconic products together after my shower. I use them straight out of the shower when my hair is still wet and I mix the two in my palms before I put it in my hair. I discovered these products on Tik Tok and have loved them ever since. They make my hair extra soft and shiny. They might be on the pricier side but trust me, they last for a while. I’ve had mine for five months now and I have enough left for another month or two.

  1. Pantene Conditioning Detangler Hair Mist

I use this hair mist after I’ve evenly distributed the Olaplex products in my wet hair. It’s like a little extra softness and just ties the whole routine together. (Pro tip: I try to avoid spraying this product too close to my roots as it tends to get greasy easier.)

  1. Redken Pillow Proof Blow-Dry Express Primer Spray

I discovered this product through my old hair stylist and after sitting on the shelf for a few years, I decided to start using it again recently and absolutely love it. I always try to avoid putting heat on my hair but sometimes it works out that I have to take a shower in the morning before classes and have to blow-dry my hair. This product does an amazing job at not only being a heat protectant but also tends to speed up the process of blow-drying my thick hair and I love it for that, tremendously. 

  1. Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Dry Shampoo

Above all, I am a college student and sometimes I don’t have the time or energy to keep up with my hair routine. On those days, this dry shampoo is my go-to. Everyone needs a good dry shampoo for those kinds of days. (Pro Tip: I usually spray a crap ton on my roots and after it looks gray-ish, I flip my head over and massage the roots until the gray residue disappears. This action also helps add more volume to your hair!)

  1. Moroccan Gold Series Argan Treatment Mask

This is a littler “bonus” product because it’s a little more pricey but if you are in the mood to splurge on a hair product, this is it! I received it in a FabFitFun box years ago and I loved it so much! I spoil myself from time to time and buy it again but let me just say, the amount of compliments I got about my “healthy, soft” hair skyrocketed when I was using this product! I absolutely love this product and highly recommend it if you’re willing to pay for it! I must say, Walmart has a much cheaper version as I remember buying it for $76 once. 

And there you have it, these are my favorite 10 current items in my hair routine, but I love to try new things from time to time so it’s bound to change.  Just experiment and find something you love! Just a friendly reminder, I have long, thick, straight hair so make sure to find the perfect products for your hair type.

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Sarah is from Dayton, Ohio and is currently studying MultiMedia Journalism at Loyola University Chicago. She enjoys thrifting, traveling, fashion, film photography and lifestyle. She is a creative person and finds comfort in writing, exploring the great city of Chicago, and listening to music. Her dream job is to travel and see the world as she writes about different cultures and activities to do in those different countries. Instagram and Twitter: @_sarahsommers_
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