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My Current Favorite Fashion Trends

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Fashion has taken a fun and creative turn in recent months. From tie dye sets to the inclusion of masks in everyday wear, our fashion has not only become a means of self-expression, but a devotion to keeping our world and those in it safe. Now, out of quarantine, we are finally able to hit the streets once again in clothes (and masks) that make us feel confident and secure. Here are some of my favorite trends/clothing items that I’m currently obsessing over and that you can pair with your adorable mask! 

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[bf_image id="qfwcue-fhy6mg-fyfmlr"] First up, we have the stunning pleated  mini skirt. I love the fact that they can be form-fitting or flowy, whatever you prefer. Whenever I wear the pleated skirts in particular, I feel like I am channeling my inner tennis player in the most stylish way. What I adore most about this skirt is its versatility. You can pair it with a cute sweatshirt and a collared button down on the inside for a comfy, yet stylish ensemble. Or if you’re going for a preppy look, you can match it with a cropped tank and include some strappy heels for the perfect sunday brunch fit. Whether you wear this skirt on the court or on your way to pick up your local brunch order, you’ll always look fabulous and that’s my guarantee.

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Next, we have my go-to accessory this past summer; mini purses. Have you seen these on instagram yet? That was a rhetorical question. These babies have been everywhere and when I first saw them, I fell in love and I fell hard. I now have two — a black one for the fall and a pink one that works perfectly with my y2k inspired looks (which we’ll talk more about later)! This purse is not just stylish but extremely practical. It’s not too small to the point where you can barely get anything in it, yet not so  big  that it  overpowers your entire outfit. It simply gets the job done. 

[bf_image id="qfwff8-7xe2ig-2u00gu"] [bf_image id="qfwfi7-8erhy0-awmaxx"] Thirdly, we have floral prints. These were such a summer staple for me and quite honestly I’m not sure I want to quit wearing them now that we're approaching fall. They give off such a feminine and classic look that anyone can pull off. They  do well for activities like a socially distanced picnic at a park or a nice walk around the block. Regardless of the occasion, this fit will serve major looks.

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Lastly, and arguably my favorite trend is by far the rise of the y2k aesthetic. From the juicy couture inspired lounge wear to low waisted jeans, I’ve seen hints of y2k vibes all over my social media timelines. Are we slowly transitioning back into 2006? Maybe. 2020 hasn’t really been the nicest, so maybe a little 2006 wouldn’t hurt. All jokes aside, I’m all for the y2k look and have bought numerous items that fall on the girly side of the aesthetic. It’s safe to say that I’m going to be rocking my bebe and baby phat for a long time to come. 

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Fashion is constantly changing. It’s always on the move. Trends will come and go; rise and fall; flourish then fade. But at the end of the day, I hope you rock every piece of clothing you wear because you deserve to. So take your pleated skirt and your mini bag and turn on your y2k playlist. Oh, and before you walk through that door, ready to strut your stuff to the world that is your runway, don’t forget your mask! 

Xoxo, Kayla

Kayla Kalu

Loyola '23

Kayla is a LUC sophomore studying marketing. She is a lover of yearly 2000's fashion, Christopher Nolan films, and Italian food.
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