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Review: “Murder Mystery 2” Is The Thrilling Sequel We Needed

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LUC chapter.

Starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, “Murder Mystery 2” is a thrilling sequel found on Netflix and offers a good combination of action, comedy and love. 

After solving a high-profile murder case in Europe when they found their way onto a soap opera drama yacht full of betrayal and motives for murder, the main characters, Audrey (Aniston) and Nick (Sandler) Spitz are struggling in their ordinary lives and need some action again. 

The Spitz’ are living an ordinary life in New York as Audrey is a hairdresser and Nick is a cop, trying to become a detective. After the successful murder case in the first movie, the couple decided to try and make a living of being private investigators but it is turning into a failed business and is taking a toll on their marriage. 

To escape their “normal” life, the couple decided to accept a wedding invitation from a returning character, the Maharajah, also known as Vikram (Adeel Akhtar). The wedding takes place on a tropical island overseas and the Spitz’ are introduced to vital characters upon arrival to the resort. 

Just as the New York couple are enjoying themselves and their much needed break, the plot thickens.

In true Indian style, Vikram and his soon-to-be wife, Claudette (Mélanie Laurent) throw an extravagant rehearsal dinner full of traditional ceremony lehenga, dance numbers, piles of food, mehndi stations and most importantly, a grand entrance on an elephant. As the elephant enters the room, Vikram who is supposed to be sitting atop the majestic animal, falls to the ground with a knife in his back. 

Upon inspection, however, the New York couple who was fast to approach the scene finds out it was the head of security who was stabbed and Vikram is missing. After some observation, Nick sees Vikram riding off the island with his kidnapper and Audrey takes photos of the crime scene. 

Throughout the  rest of the movie, the New York couple are determined to solve yet another high-profile case and must decide who of the close-knit group hated Vikram enough to have him kidnapped. The suspect list includes Vikram’s sister, ex-fiance, body guard, business partner, and fiance. 

Audrey and Nick tend to bring bad luck wherever they go as the action-packed movie takes you along the ride of attempting to retrieve Vikram alive. With twists and turns, betrayals, and conflicting motives, this sequel brings the perfect punch of action full of fire and shoot-offs with little notes of comedy from the notoriously hilarious actor Sandler. Along with action and comedy, the New York couple attempt to bring their marriage back to a stable state as they figure out who kidnapped their friend. 

Running for only 89 minutes, this movie is the perfect play off of “Knives Out” and “Murder on the Idiot Express” as it brings a cheeky vibe to the action genre. Aniston and Sandler, who have worked together before in other franchises, bring a pleasing amount of chemistry to the screen and work off of each other’s movie personalities well. 

Sarah is from Dayton, Ohio and is currently studying MultiMedia Journalism at Loyola University Chicago. She enjoys thrifting, traveling, fashion, film photography and lifestyle. She is a creative person and finds comfort in writing, exploring the great city of Chicago, and listening to music. Her dream job is to travel and see the world as she writes about different cultures and activities to do in those different countries. Instagram: @sarahgsommers