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Meet Shaun: The Man Behind the Camera

Meet Shaun Baluyot, the man behind the camera, that you most likely have seen taking pictures at one of the events you’ve attended here on campus. Shaun is currently a Loyola senior; he has become quite the Campus Celebrity because of his friendly personality and incredibly talented photography skills. Read on to learn more about Shaun and how photography has led him to great things and great friends.

Name: Shaun BaluyotAge: 21Hometown: Stratford, NJYear: SeniorMajor: Health Systems Management Minor: in Business Administration

HC: So, you’re a pretty popular photographer on campus. What got you into photography in the first place?

SB: I started shooting probably after my high school years. A bunch of my friends from my youth group had a DLRS camera, so quite honestly I just joined in on the hype (haha) and never thought I’d be where I am today with my photography.

HC: What events have you taken pictures for?

SB: Hmm. There’s been a bunch around campus so just this past year, I’ve shot Sigma Chi’s Derby Days, KKG’s Semi, (soon to shoot) ADPi’s and Chi O’s Semi, Masquerade Ball, and Night in Manila. Other notables might just be The Hundreds/Van Styles street meet and World of Dance’s dance workshop with some notable choreographers (like Megan Batoon and Scott Forsyth).

HC: How has photography influenced your life?

SB: Photography has influenced my life in many positive ways. It’s given me friends that share the same passion and interests, networking opportunities (such as just finding friends who are friends with big names around Chicago like Vic Mensa, Chance the Rapper, etc. to meeting store owners like the guys down at Notre Shop but also just making new friends from events I’ve shot at), and more importantly, appreciating the smaller, finer details in life most people seem to overlook. I think that’s one of the biggest aspects photography’s done for me; it’s forced me to slow myself down and observe life as it is and see the intricacies in my surroundings making me more mindful and aware. I’m in a moment and in the now and once I take that shot, I can share that with others and remember that for myself later on. It feels pretty cool.

HC: What extra-curricular activities are you involved in?

SB: From time to time, I play guitar upstairs at the 9PM masses! You can almost always catch me at Halas either working at the front desk or working out. I’m also constantly taking pictures for a myriad of events from DoP, to Greek Life events, to Kapwa events, to SGLC events, to just random events around campus I get invited to. Other organizations that I’m a part of or have been a part of also include COPAA, Loyola’s Students for Life, Delta Sigma Phi, Swimming Club, and the HSM Student Council.

HC: You’re so involved on campus. How do you find time to explore the city and take such awesome pictures?

SB: Well when I’m not studying or working out or doing events and editing those pictures, I use that remainder of the time exploring Chicago. So really, there are spontaneous times within a week or month where I tell myself, “Hey go out there and lose yourself.” Typically, it’s me, my backpack and camera, a set of my headphones, my phone (for Google maps and music), and my Ventra pass.

HC: Where is your favorite place to take pictures?

SB: Hmm. Last year, I was very into rooftopping (haha) not the safest but definitely the most adrenaline rushing and those experiences gave me a chance to see the city in a different light most can’t see. Nowadays, hmm…current favorites are just the museums around Chicago. I think it’s pretty cool making art with art.

HC: Any pointers for the newbies of photography?

SB: Just keep shooting! Whether it’s food or the streets or people or clothes, I’m sure you can find your niche and style. Everyone has an eye for something, which is another reason why I enjoy photography – I can see what other people see the way they see it. Don’t let what you’re using stop you too! Freshman year I relied on my start DSLR a lot. Sophomore year, I got into iPhone photography and editing with just VSCO cam. Junior year to now, I invested in a full-frame camera and a 35mm and 14mm lens and shoot with that now. Just go out there, explore, and enjoy!

From Shaun’s photography journey we can learn the lesson that all it takes is passion and practice when it comes to getting good at what you love to do. If you want to see more of Shaun’s pictures, you can follow Shaun on Instagram @shaun.baluyot. Also, if you’re interested in having a photographer for one of your events or if you just want some high quality solo shots, Shaun is your guy!

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