How To Plan The Perfect Friendsgiving

Location, Location, Location!

One of the first and most important things you should consider when planning out your Friendsgiving is whose place it will be held at. If you’re lucky, one of your friends has an apartment with ample kitchen space stocked to the brim with all of the necessary cooking-ware, and even more importantly–a dining table. However, keeping in mind that many college-aged squads lack the majority of these essentials in their homes, try pooling your resources together! If one of your friends has the perfect space to hold the actual Friendsgiving dinner, but doesn’t have dining-ware and cutlery, someone else can bring those things. After all, isn’t giving the main point of the holiday?



It’s easy to spruce up a Friendsgiving by taking the extra step to create an invite. A plain old text message is fine, but putting a little creativity into inviting your guests will ensure more people will want to show up. Also, using a site like gives people the opportunity to RSVP which can make every host’s life a little easier.  


Put together the perfect playlist

Every year, puts out a list of their favorite holiday songs. This year, they created an awesome playlist of the best songs to listen to on Thanksgiving. This playlist will have you giving thanks all day long! If your friends happen to have different tastes in music, connect your phone to a speaker and take turns adding your favorite jams to the group Spotify queue. Spotify even has a customized playlist specifically for cooking your Thanksgiving dinner, so give it a try!


Have each guest bring their own dish, OR cook your Friendsgiving meal as a group.

As much as we’d love to be cooking magicians, we can’t all make an entire Thanksgiving feast single-handedly like Monica Geller. Create and share a google doc where each guest can bring their own signature dish. OR, if cooking is not one of your friends’ strongsuits, they can sign up to bring other essential parts such as drinks, dinnerware, or specific ingredients that someone else may need to finish off their own dish. But, part of the fun of Friendsgiving is making your meal as a group. Fill your group google doc with a grocery list of items for each friend to bring, and asks everyone to arrive a little early so you can all help each other cook dinner.

Make the perfect holiday cocktails

Take a page from the book of the hostess with the most-est herself, Martha Stewart, and make some amazing cocktails that’ll impress your friends just as your famous mashed potato recipe. We all know that food tastes immeasurably better when you have a little buzz going.

Think of a cool theme

“It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas”

For some people Thanksgiving is to early to start celebrating the BEST holiday of the year. For me it is never too early to start honoring the happiest time of the year. What better way to celebrate the coming holiday than to be around all of your favorite people?


Whether it's spending the night in with your closest friends, or going out for a meal at your favorite restaurant, Friendsgiving is what you make it.

Happy Friendsgiving from the writers at Her Campus Loyola!