Hairspray: Which Works Better?

Hairspray grew to popularity in the 50’s and 60’s and remains an iconic product today. This product is great for keeping down harsh flyaways and protecting cutesy curls from coming loose. I know hairspray is a staple in my hair collection and I find myself using it more and more now that I live in the windy city. I was kindly given two hairspray products from the Survival Kit to try for the week from TIGI’s Bed Head range.


TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray

I was kind of wary about this product at first because it felt sticky on application, but it surprisingly did a really great job at keeping my hair in place all day. My natural hair is thick and I have a ton of flyaways that frame my face so this product helped to keep my hair slicked back when I wore it up in a ponytail. The product also doesn’t leave my hair feeling stiff. I like that it gave my hair a strong hold without weighing it down. I would probably use this product more so for special occasions.

Rating: 4/5


TIGI Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray

This hairspray gave my hair a healthy shine while also holding it in place all day. The product also smells amazing! I prefer this hairspray for daily use because it’s not too heavy duty like the Hard Head hairspray.

Rating: 5/5


I had a hard time choosing a winner between the two products because I feel that they both do different things; however, if you want a hairspray with a stronger hold I would have to go with the Hard Head hairspray. The Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray is a better option if you want glossy-looking hair that smells great!