Getting There #8: A Conversation with Dr. Beth Knobel

It's the first episode in the new studio and the girls could NOT be more excited about it!! They're finally broadcasting out of WLUW's podcasting studio at Loyola University Chicago. They've done it. They're official.

What better way to kick off the new era than with a special conversation with the esteemed and inspirational Dr. Beth Knobel?! 

She's an author, an international journalist, a professor, a mom and the former Moscow Bureau Chief for CBS News. Today she is here to speak to your favorite duo about some things she's learned along the way: the inspiring, the heartbreaking and the hilarious. And as the three discuss being young, being a woman and being a journalist, they share their personal fears and hopes. 

It's an episode you won't want to miss – even if you aren't considering a career in journalism.