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As college students, we’re on a budget with our space and money but we still wanna have the cutest clothes, right? Here are the top 5 staple pieces that can be used to build various outfits that will look different each time! Personally, I love putting together fun outfits that look like you put in a lot of effort, but in reality it doesn’t take that long and you still feel super confident! Off the bat, some stores that have great basics are Zara, Nordstrom (and Nordstrom Rack), H&M, and thrift stores. Outlet stores are my favorite because you get all those great items at such a discounted price!

For the first piece, we have a fun top. The rest of these items are going to be a little bit more basic and neutral colored, but it’s super important to have that fun, layering AND fancy top all-in-one! A top like this would be great to go out in, and it could also fit in a classy setting paired with something like a skirt and a leather jacket. It could also be great just going out to a casual lunch with some jeans and cute tennis shoes. 

Jeans are so important! I prefer to recommend everyone to get a good pair of black jeans because they match with everything. Hot take: skinny jeans will never go out of style. Honestly, any style of black jeans works, just pick something that you feel confident in! You can use them for a casual look with a basic sweater/sweatshirt for school, or with your fun top to go out. It’s all about which direction you try to put them in, and you can make them look dressy or casual.

This is probably my favorite item in the list! A basic, neutral colored, oversized sweater, which you can pair with leggings and tennis shoes for a casual look. Paired with jeans and booties, this sweater gives business-y and lunch vibes, for sure. Or you can pair it with a leather skirt and heels forgoing out to dinner or any other fancy occasion. Sweaters can be super versatile if styled differently, and it doesn’t have to look the same each time. 

Finally, we have the 2016 craze that I seemingly never seemed to grow out of. The LBD, also known as the little black dress. Again, another item that can be totally flipped around, based on how you play your cards!I love dresses because they are such easy pieces, plus I always feel a little more put together when I have one on! Regardless of how it’s styled, dresses always bring a sense of class and togetherness. Plus it’s easier on the wallet because you don’t need as much to dress it different ways!

Just like that, you can build so many outfits, at not that much of a cost. You can rewear and love these items for so long as well and not worry about them getting ruined! Fashion doesn’t always have to break the bank, and thankfully, some styles/pieces are forever classy and “in”. 

Hi everyone! My name is Daria and I am a psychology major and criminal justice minor at LUC! When I’m not studying or out with friends/family, you can usually find me sipping my coffee and working on my fashion Instagram page (@dariaxmarta) or my personal blog! I’m aiming to get my masters right away in psychology and then work alongside federal criminal justice agencies with some time of mental health unit!
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