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Five Online Sites to Improve Your Fashion

Since the pandemic, I’ve found a new love for online shopping. I’ve always hated fitting rooms and this was my way to avoid them. Of course, online shopping has its cons but sometimes the shipping price is worth it if you don’t have to leave your bed. The pandemic also gave me a new fashion sense of some sorts and I found it might be time to share my secrets. These five online sites are full of amazing, trendy clothes to upgrade your wardrobe. 


I discovered this site way too late into my lifetime. Cider is full of trendy and unique pieces to make your wardrobe pop. Another bonus is the prices. Although the cart total might be hefty once you find all the items you love, the prices are fairly affordable and better compared to other online sites. The one thing I would be cautious about is that some items on the site might not come according to the photo. I believe that 15 items in my wardrobe are from this site and I would say that 12 of them were perfect. The other three had very thin fabric. My best advice is to just be careful with the dresses, those are the items I’m finding can be too thin. Other than that little hiccup, this site is a great way to add some unique pieces to your closet and they deliver fairly quickly. 

Nasty Gal

This site is on the pricier side but still affordable compared to other retailers. Nasty Gal is full of a wide variety of clothes that you can find for any and all occasions. The sale items are always cute and worth the dime. The entire site usually has a sale like “60% off everything” or something in that nature so it makes the prices even better.  I have found that they have great bling items like sequin dresses or jumpsuits. This is where I usually get my blazers if I’m finding a color or style I like at the thrift store. You’re bound to find something you like on this site to improve your wardrobe.

Pretty Little Thing

I find this site slightly comparable to Nasty Gal. Pretty Little Thing has some pricier items but it’s still not breaking the bank completely. They usually have a pretty good sale going and offer lots of cute items. This site is also pretty size inclusive as it offers petite, plus, tall, short and even “shape” for all the hour-glass figures out there. They do a pretty good job at categorizing the clothing by color and making it easy to find what you want. Although it’s similar to Nasty Gal, this site can offer some different options if you’re in the mood to upgrade your fashion.


This site also offers a site wide sale like the previous two but is my go-to place for shoes. Boohoo offers trendy, cute shoes for an affordable price. I’ve gotten some of my favorite boots from them and it’s been years and they are still intact. Whether it’s a strappy heel, some sneakers, or thigh-high boots – you’re going to find something for the upcoming occasion at Boohoo. Aside from fantastic shoes, Boohoo is a great place for clothes as well. They have great active/ loungewear and business attire like pant suits or dresses. Like Nasty Gal, this site also has great bling options if you want to be the life of the party. Above all, this site is a great start to making some fashion-forward choices. 


This one might seem a little obvious but with the prime delivery, it deserves some more hype. Amazon has some pretty good prices and is a great place to get packs of basic tanks to make a staple in your wardrobe. I love getting shoes from amazon and have found most of their clothes worth it. Although you should be cautious of some of the items, overall it’s a great place to find some cute tops for going out or bathing suits for your next vacation. I’ve also found great success in their activewear so go spoil yourself and get a matching set! 

Hopefully you can find some pieces from these sites to upgrade your closet. They’re always keeping up with trends and can offer a great option for some new fashion-forward pieces. It’s time to spoil yourself to a little shopping spree from the comfort of your bed. Happy shopping! 

Sarah is from Dayton, Ohio and is currently studying MultiMedia Journalism at Loyola University Chicago. She enjoys thrifting, traveling, fashion, film photography and lifestyle. She is a creative person and finds comfort in writing, exploring the great city of Chicago, and listening to music. Her dream job is to travel and see the world as she writes about different cultures and activities to do in those different countries. Instagram and Twitter: @_sarahsommers_
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