Brad Mondo Has Blessed Us with His Hair Washing Hacks

Brad Mondo, the iconic beauty YouTuber, has returned with a list of tips and tricks that we simply love to see. Best known for his hair styling videos, Brad has amassed nearly 3.4 million subscribers and 458 million views on his YouTube channel. His hair hack videos remain one of his most popular segments, where he reveals his favorite pointers for keeping your hair looking gorgeous. This time, he’s back with suggestions for hair washing techniques and we couldn’t be more thankful! Here were our favorite picks from the video, which you can watch in full here.

1. The best water temperature to wash your hair with is lukewarm 

What happened to the idea that cold water was best for shampooing hair? Apparently, that needs to be iced out of our routines. Brad suggests showering in lukewarm water instead.. First, it’s more enjoyable than standing underneath freezing water. But second, it helps warm up the cuticles so that they open up more. Once they’re opened, it’s easier to cleanse the dirt and grim that’s been built up. 

2. You should only be washing your scalp

No matter how long your hair is, you shouldn’t be washing the ends – only your scalp should get the scrubbing. Rubbing your ends not only tangles the hair up, it also tugs and breaks the cuticles holding your hair in place. Because your scalp is where the oil is produced, that’s where the real shampooing needs to take place. And to further prevent breakage you should be gently scrubbing the scalp in non-circular motions. 

3. The correct amount of shampoo is 2 dime-sized circles 

Shockingly, the amount of shampoo that you should use doesn’t need to vary depending on how long or thick your hair is. What?! According to Brad, because you only need to wash the scalp, you only need enough shampoo to cover your head itself. Most people have similar sized heads, which he recommends as only needing two dime-sized pumps of shampoo: one for the front of the scalp and one for the back. 

4. How often you should wash your hair depends on the person 

Each head of hair is different and you know your own scalp best. While Brad strongly urges his viewers to not wash their hair every single day, he does acknowledge that certain textures will become greasier, faster. If that’s the case for you, he recommends YouTubing ways on which to train your hair to last longer in between washes. But he does admit his ideal amount of hair washing is once-to-twice a week. 

5. You don’t need to leave your conditioner in for longer than 3 minutes

Everyone knows that you put on your conditioner and then let it sit while you scrub down with body wash. But after that, you’re good to wash it out! Brad says that this varies from person to person, but no one should need to leave the conditioner in for longer than three minutes. And definitely, he stresses, don’t let it sit for longer than 15 minutes. He says that the real care comes after the conditioning and suggests doing a hair mask after you wash your head. 

As Brad so wisely puts it, “Your hair has done so much for you – so much for your confidence and so much for your personality. Give it a little love! Show it how you love it back!”