The Best Movies to Watch to Have The Perfect Halloween Movie Marathon

Time for cozy sweaters, trees changing colors, dressing up in fun costumes with your friends, and eating too much Halloween candy. 


It is always super fun to dress up with all your friends and go out to Halloween parties, but it is nice to stay at home with a couple friends and have a Halloween movie marathon -- especially now with the pandemic -- while eating too much candy of course. 


I know that there are way too many Halloween movies to pick from, since it seems that there are at least another 20 new movies that come out every October. It can be so hard to find a perfect marathon of Halloween movies to watch when you’re trying to have a movie night in. Lucky for you, I have put together the perfect list of movies to add to your Halloween movie marathon.


The Classics

Of course we have to add the timeless Halloween movies that your mind wanders to every time October comes around. 


  • The Shining 

  • Beetlejuice

  • Casper 

  • E.T. 

  • Edward Sissorhands 

  • Ghostbusters

  • Scream

  • Halloween


The Ones That Remind Us of Childhood

You know, those movies you would turn on when you got home from school in October and watch until it was time for dinner. They are some of my favorite Halloween movies to watch this time of year! 


  •  HalloweenTown/HalloweenTown High/ Return to HalloweenTown 

  • Twitches/Twitches 2

  • The Haunted Mansion

  • Coraline 

  • Hocus Pocus 

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas 

  • Monster House


Not For The Weak of Heart

You can’t have “spooky season” without some good horror movies! I know horror movies aren't everyone’s thing, but I thought that I would add some of my favorites in case you are one of those people and wanted to give them a try. 


  • Get Out 

  • The Ring 

  • Insidious 

  • The Conjuring 

  • Saw (all 7 of them)

  • Midsommar 

  • Sinister 

  • Us


I hope you enjoy this list of Halloween Movies and find one -- or a couple -- to add to your perfect Halloween movie marathon this year!