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Almay recently launched their shadow quad eyeshadow; they contain colors from neutrals all the way to more vibrant purples and blues. I got my hands on their new product from the Her Campus Survival Kit and was genuinely surprised by their packaging. When a beauty enthusiast thinks of which company is rocking the packaging game companies like Too Face or Benefit come to mind. However, upon a look at these new products, the packaging has a sleek and clean look. The product is closed by a magnet and is contained within a crystal-clear plastic. The physical colors looked notably bright and vibrant within the containers, but when swatching the colors, there was a lack of the vibrancy. The swatches were disappointing considering the beautiful appearance.


Despite the swatches, I went ahead and tried to create an eyeshadow look. When applying the eyeshadow, I found them to be less pigmented than advertised. They were not creamy or smooth unlike other brands; they just simply felt of. My brushes couldn’t pick up the eyeshadow it was as if I was trying to apply it without dipping in the product. I even tried to add water on my brush to help apply the eyeshadow but it didn’t seem to make a difference. No matter how much I dipped into the shadow, I couldn’t get nearly enough product. To be quite honest I gave up shortly after, the product just wouldn’t be o the brush and once it did it refused to be blended out.


So, I concluded that the eyeshadow was dull, flat and blotchy. This result was extremely disappointing because all their advertisements showed the colors with a vibrancy I came to expect but instead I received the opposite. Many other beauty enthusiasts showed off their looks on social media and I honestly was surprised they achieved the look they did. I don’t know if I simply received a bad batch, but I just couldn’t achieve any type of a look and was disappointed with these eyeshadows.


Even though this product was a bust for me, Almay does have some hidden gems within their lines. This was a miss, in my opinion and I honestly wouldn’t recommend this product. When going to the drug store, one is more likely to find a better product for about the same price.


From Her Campus Survival Kit


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